They sent the wrong color!

  1. I ordered a beauty case from last year #40025 and they sent me the khaki/blue instead of the khaki/pale blue. Oh well. I am going to have to go all the way back to the store (45 min away) then wait AGAIN for it! I need to reimbursed for my gas $!!!!
  2. Oh i want it!!! hahaha

    :sad: sorry they gave you the wrong one

  3. You want the dark blue????
  4. Is it the signature stripe line?
  5. oh no! I would just call and make them ship you another one.. then return the other one when you get a chance, or have them send you a prepaid label.. it's their fault!!!!! :nuts:
  6. Aww! thats messed up I would call them and tell them to send the right one and pay for the shipping of the wrong color.

  7. THATS JUST WHAT I DID!!! They didn't charge me shipping either. I will just have to remember next time I go to Tampa to bring it with me!
  8. Be sure to post lots of pics when you get the right one!!! :graucho:
  9. show us pics of the dark blue!!! I love the dark blue!
  10. What a bummer! At least you will be getting the right color soon!
  11. You have a khaki/chambray Carly! :drool: I'm totally jealous! Kidding, of course-well, a little.

    I'm gald you didn't have to pay for the gas to drive all that way though, gas is $$ now and you shouldn't have had to.
  12. I love the dark blue too! totally jealous!
  13. Good. It sucks when they mess up your order