they say the saba will be sold out before it hits stores :(

  1. I think they say that it did sell out before it hit the store. But how that happens is a mystery as well, did they have a pre-order system?
  2. ohhhh yes yes it sold out! damn... I wanted one
  3. From what I saw in photos, I really wanted the medium sized one! Hopefully there will be more available?? The Ramona was a HUGE success and there were eventually plenty to go around.

    Robyn, have you heard anything from Casey about this bag??
  4. Ummm...$2450 for that bag? It must be really big, or may be the pony hair version? I can't do monster bags, or hair :biggrin: So, I hope the medium is not an overwhelming size. The Mahala very nearly is for me, which is why I've never bought it.

    Thanks for the tip Mimi, even if it might be disappointing. :smile:
  5. Now I am curious to see the Saba bag, anyone has a picture?
  6. I would love to see one too. Does anyone have a picture please?
  7. I think the Saba bag is cute, but unless it is much nicer in real life, I don't see how it could be sold out so fast!
  8. There are 4 available on in black suede. Not exactly a summery bag, but you can still enjoy it for what's left of winter. :smile:
  9. I've heard smaller bags are coming back. Isn't this a huge bag? And that is alot of $$$ for a kinda plain looking hobo!
  10. ^^ I totally agree....I would never pay that much for a suede bag. And it must be HUGE for it to be going for that much. I think large bags will always be in style, but I think you're right....I think the ginormous bags are probably going to start going the way of the wind.

    I wonder what the medium looks like and how much it went for? But suede this time of year? I'm starting to think Spring/Summer....and that's not black suede to me. :nogood:
  11. They have several bags in the SS 08 line that are suede..for summer?
  12. ^I know....I just don't get it. Because I am suede's number one fan, but even for as much as I absolutley love it, I won't/can't carry it in the Summer, I don't care what color it is.