They really are cute but...

  1. Could anyone walk in them? The website ( says the 6 inch blue ones are the best sellers - can you believe it?

    elite 44_0.jpg elite 55_0.jpg
  2. I couldn't, but they are cute! I can't believe they are best sellers though. :P
  3. oww
  4. nice but probably not meant to be worn....
  5. OMG...IMPOSSIBLE to walk in!!!!!!!!
  6. Here are the blue ones I was talking about. They are the best sellers. Hard to believe. I really do think they're cute - I'm just afraid I would break my neck in those heels - LOL

    elite 25_0.jpg
  7. Holy smokes! I could probably walk 2 feet before falling flat on my face. :P
  8. Cute, but I wouldn't even make it two steps. They wouldn't be as cute with me lying on the road next them. :nuts:
  9. wouldn't you essentially be walking on your tippy toes? :confused1: i'm not afraid of walking in them so much as i am of trying to put my foot in it :wtf:
  10. Woah. That's absolutely insane!
  11. I bet people aren't actually walking in those shoes as much as they are laying down :graucho:
  12. There is no way I could walk in those shoes! Wow, hard to believe that they are the best seller!

    Quote: I bet people aren't actually walking in those shoes as much as they are laying down :graucho:
    LOL Nishi!
  13. I can believe they are top sellers ... people probably aren't wearing them out that much. They're gorgeous, like little works of art. More like collector's (or fetish) items.
  14. No, I could never walk around in them. I can barely walk in the Louboutin Pigalles.
  15.'s like Barbie Doll shoes :O
    Do the people who make these shoes ACTUALLY walk in them? lol
    best seller? *rolls eyes* don't think so :/
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