They may not have Red Soles but today, I am wearing...

  1. jimmy choo black patent 3-inch pumps for work... time to rest my feet and calves
  2. Tan uggs :p
  3. Thanks Aegis!!!

    Brian Atwood Dramas...

    Ringing_phone.. I almost went with my Rose Golds today!
  4. Take an outfit pic when you wear them next! I need outfit ideas other than all black! :lol:
  5. Havaiana Slim Champagne flip flops. I'm in Florida!
  6. Manolo Blahnik Sedarby in black/white tweed. The first pair of shoes my DH bought me years ago; the pair that started my shoe craze!
  7. You must try them with color! I was going to pair them with rich, bright DVF Purple shirt dress today..They looked gorgeous! I just was doing to much running around for their first wear. I will definitely post pics!
  8. dark brown Hermès Karla slingbacks at work
    Hermes Brown.jpg
  9. burberry rain boots :sad: miserable weather in nyc today
  10. agreed! yucky weather today! :shucks:

    brian atwood black patent maniacs in the office!
  11. Black Gap comfy.
  12. Kate Spade Randi Rain Boots for going outside in this yucky NY weather and Sam Edelman Caper Ballet Flats
  13. chocolate brown patent lanvin flats, perforated toe-yucky NY rainy weather.
  14. Blue patent Delman Flats. I hate when it rains!!
  15. Here you go! This was a quick photo I took for the DVF thread (The dress is a new DVF!)