They make ME feel so good, but on others....

  1. When I see another lady with a nice handbag, it doesn't do much for me. I don't think it makes them look any better than they already are, but when I'm wearing mine, I feel on top of the world. I feel like it makes me look different, prettier. I am sure it does not - nobody else thinks, "Wow, look at that girl with the nice handbag. Boy, it sure does make her look pretty!" But it FEELS like it. And even if I see someone with the exact same bag that I have, it doesn't catch my eye. I am going to assume you guys all feel like a million bucks when you are wearing a bag you love - that's why we're all here, right? But what about when you see someone else with a nice bag - do you think she looks as great as you feel?
  2. I've seen some women with handbags I like or liked that didn't have one clue as to how to wear it, or where the bag didn't do anything for them. It's like having a luxury car...just because you have one, doesn't mean you're a good driver. Get my point???


    I have seen a select few women wear handbags that I could only dream about and they look amazing!!! And for a fleeting moment, my heart races....even skips a beat! And I think, one day that will be me! (but of course, I'd look even better!!!) And it makes me crave that handbag all the more!
  3. I feel the same way as you but I didn't realize it until you just posted this topic. It IS very interesting how that works out! You know what really turns me off? When I see a girl with a really nice handbag that is all flat and deflated.. and it looks really sloppy rather than nicely filled and hanging the way it should.. you know what I mean? That's when I start to think I look better with my bags, ha!
  4. For me it depends on how the woman is put together and how she has treated her bag. Sometimes I look in admiration or envy and other times I feel bad for the bag. Not saying she has to be dressed up all the time, just sometimes you can tell when someone is not treating their bag with care.

    And then of course when I see a woman proudly carrying her fake like it's worth a million dollars...that's when I just get :throwup:
  5. LOL- I have thought about that before too....I don't care when others are carrying their bags, and yet, I spend soooo much on mine (only to realize no one else cares either!).

    Another point- I do feel like I am doing the bag a disservice if I don't look nice when carrying it; which is hard to do on those mornings I wake up late and run to class!
  6. When I see a nicely-dressed girl with a cheesy or dowdy bag I just feel like it ruins her whole look. Sometimes I bum around with a vinyl bag myself, but when you're dressed up, don't carry some grubby old thing.
  7. Absolutely! This weekend while checking out at a Lacoste store there was a woman in front of me with a Black Miu Miu (coffer) and i complimented her immediately because she looked so good with it! She smiled so genuinely and pointed to my Balenciaga City saying she thought about buying one herself but fell for the Miu Miu. Was a really cute purse moment.. My boyfriend was just giggling to himself.. he thinks i'm in some kind of secret purse society, hahah