They love the VB haircut!

  1. Kimberly Stewart

    Paris Hilton


    Jenna Jameson

    Katie Holmes

    Jenny McCarthy
  2. Wow! They sure do! But I think Jenny and VB do it best!:smile:
  3. It's a really cute haircut (for those who can pull it off). =o)-
  4. I have this cut.:tup:.I always kept my hair long but i just decided to get it cut,
    I' m so glad i did it.......:heart:....I love it!
  5. We're haircut twins, bobobags! I just got the Pob a couple months ago. I'm just having a hard time flat ironing it everyday (I have thick, curly hair). But I love it nonetheless.
  6. Yea, I cut it in June!!! Best decision's soooooo HOT here in Tx.
    I flat iron my hair everyday, probably not a good idea but I try to use a product for heat styling.
  7. so do I. I wish I had that hair cut, my hair it so frizzy I'd need to use a flat iron every day, besides I'd look like a mushroom
  8. That's funny b/c my husband calls it the "cute mushroom cut"!! :p
  9. I love this cut too i guess thats y I got it lol!
  10. ^^^ hahaha.. I got that haircut when I was about 19. I had pictures and I told DH I want to cut my hair again, its just so heavy, I have so much hair and its so tick sometimes my hair hurts, seriously. And he said... you are gonna look like a mushroom, just like the pictures.. WTF?? I said I know know how to get my hair done at least, didnt really know before, besides we didnt have flat irons 8 years ago, mm not that I remember..

    ps. bobobags could you post pictures??
  11. O.k. here goes the pics..................These are the only ones I have
    My hair does angle up in the back about 2 inches with short layers.
    (sorry for the big pics!)
  12. me too...I just got the cut a couple of weeks ago...I had long hair for as long as I can remember but I am lovin the new was time for the long, scraggly mess to go...I am pretty lucky (or unlucky) though because my hair is baby fine and very straight so it doesn't take alot of work...
  13. I'm not a big fan. I think it looks good on Jenny and other women who have square faces but I don't think it looks that good on VB. I think it draws too much attention to her nose and doesn't frame her face as well as her long wavy brown hair did.
  14. I love VB's hair style..looks good on her.

    Very cute, Bobobags !
  15. I agree. I think it looks best on Jenny and Rihanna.