They likes my Baby Spy :)

  1. I went to dinner tonight with my family carrying my new baby spy, I am feeling so thrilled that my elder brother and my father, they seems to appreciate my bag much. My brother said the bag is nice and they knew it is from Fendi, I like Fendi!! :yahoo:
  2. congrats on your new baby spy. Any pics to show?
  3. It's funny that happened because whenever I carry my Baby Spy I get the most compliments from men.
  4. I have oodles of bags, but DH always takes special note of the baby spies and calls them the "normal size handbag" ...! I have no clue what the gender attraction is there...but its OK by me..:angel:
  5. :yahoo:This is what I am trying to say, seems like the Baby Spy is very welcomed by men, the bag always attract compliments! I think may be the size of the Baby Spy really does looks elegant on a women carrying it, I am happy I did the rightest purchase!!

    And for the picture, pls refer to The Baby Spy Club Sticky, mine is in black!! I think the next bag I am interested is the Selleria Collection from Fendi!