They kicked me and my puppy out of TARGET!

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  1. Ok my pup is only 4lbs and I always go to target with him, today I was buying a few things and had my pup in his bag. He probaly has come with me abaou 20 times to target. I had a couple of people give me dirty looks, but really didnt think anything of it. I was about to leave and had the manager come up to me and say I had to leave because hes not a service dog. I explained to him that I always come in here with him and never was told that I cant have him in the store. There are no signs saying no pets allowed. So I left my cart full of stuff and left. I was very upset I know it had to be a few snotty people. Has this ever happened to anyone else?
  2. This happened to me!!! I had taken my puppy into target a few times and the Manager told me that i needed to leave because He wasn't a seeing eye dog or anything!

    Well, I have to say I was upset but he was just doing his job.

    I do have to say that I carried my pup into the LV store and the SA was holding him and making such a big deal over him, passing him around to other employees. They were so nice!! Maybe Target needs to take some pointers from the LV stores!!

  3. ITA...but I did look around the store and it said nothing about pets. I also went into Chanel and LV with him and they did the same like they did to you.:lol:
  4. I used to work at wal-mart and I know that they had that rule, but don't know about target. I have definitely never seen a sign there. If I could carry my cat in, I would. I buy all her clothes there!
  5. I understand Walmart, most of the store is food...
  6. My excuse to the target employee was I was in the store to but a collar for my pup, which I was. I wasn't lying or anything. I just didn't know what size to get the sm. or med. so i wanted to try them on, well i still had to leave, so i did not buy anything, gave him my kart that was full of stuff and went to Wal-mart!
  7. upscale companies seem to cater more to their customer than most stores. we had a lady who was arrested because she left her young son in the car, but took her doggie into nieman marcus with her to go shopping. but generally, i don't think animals are allowed in most stores. i'm sure it's for insurance reasons.
  8. We have a Dollar Store in my town, and the rule is if you can get your dog in the bugy (sp?) then it can come in the store. I have seen everything from 4 lb chi's to 100 lb labs!!!!! It is hilarious!!!! I have always wanted to take my lab in there, but he always pees in Petsmart, and that is somewhat normal, but I don't think it would be in a Dollar Store!!
  9. People used to come into Coach with their dogs when I worked there. It never made me nervous since there aren't bags on the floor :graucho: and they were usually little bag dogs.
  10. Well this hasn't happened to me, but I wouldn't take my baby to target. Just because there is no sign saying pets aren't allowed doesn't mean they are. To me it makes more sense to call and ask then to just assume its okay and be disappointed when you are asked to leave. Or use a web site like to check it out first. Probably the reason no one said anything before is an actual employee didn't see you with the dog like this last time. They probably don't think anyone is GOING to bring one, therefore no need for a sign. Its not fair to compare target to someplace like LV or Chanel cuz its not even in the same ballpark.

  11. actualy almost all the times I was there, I had employess pet him and another manager. Why wouldnt they think know one is going to bring a dog?:lol: I see so many people daily with there pets.
  12. I would never try to bring my dog with me anywhere because she's not the best behaved, but I have seen people with small dogs in Comp USA, Home Depot (a guy with a Maltese), Neimans, Saks, Nordstrom. In the higher end stores people always just come up to them and think they are adorable. I saw two girls walking their dog who was wearing a pink coat all through the mall in Tampa. I think that is pretty common. I know someone who won't shop anywhere unless they let her bring her two dogs. She says if people can bring their ill-behaved children in stores she should be able to bring her well-behaved dogs.

    With all the nasty people in Target and Wal-Mart I don't see why they wouldn't allow a small dog in a bag.

    When I went to France, which was years ago, I loved how people brought their dogs everywhere! I even saw one sitting next to our table at a restaurant.
  13. In Finland you can´t take dogs to any shop/restaurant/bar/cafe. Except a blind dog.
  14. I really think it is tacky to see people carrying pets to stores. Please don't bash me but there is NO reason one needs to carry their pets to stores. I am sure the pet rather be as home than dragged around. I was in a furniture store and there were people with 3 dogs...... Alot of people have allergies and we don't want to be standing next to people with pets. What is even crazier is the people who put their pets in the strollers and take them shopping.......go to Boca Mall in Florida and see this......just makes you wonder?????? My friends work in high end stores and she says it drives her nuts with people shopping with dogs....sometimes they are asked to leave, sometimes they does get nasty when the people are asked to leave. I thought there was a law to keep pets out of a store unless they were seeing eye dogs, service dogs. I guess alot of people might want to copy the lala girls of hollywood with all their tiny dogs.
  15. Well, I don't know what to tell you then if the employees didn't say anything in the past, shame on them because you would have known if someone had said something. But I'm sure if you called Target corporate they would tell you its not permitted. Personally I've never seen a dog at my Target, nor would I expect to.
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