they have my shoes-very prive!!

  1. i just got an e mail from the louboutin boutique in france, they are getting the very prive in tortoise!!! so do they run TTS, or should i go a half size up? i am so excited, does anyone know what these retail at??


  2. they usually run small, most websites tell you to size up at least by half a size. for me, i think it's more to TTS than sizing up b/c i have narrow feet and heels so the cutting is fine on me but all my prives are half a size up, i never had the chance to get them in my true size acks!
  3. They're TTS for me and retailed for $780 on nap and $790 on and footcandy.
  4. Yeah, I am so happy. I would recommend going up a whole size. I paid $800 when it was all said and done.

    May I ask you who you emailed so that you were alerted that the shoe was in? I would love to go up a half size in the tortoise pumps I own and as you have seen everyone is sold out.
  5. I went up a half sixe from a 39 to a 39.5 and they fit perfectly, the most comfortable CLs I own! Congrats!
  6. sure, her name is Myriam and the address is got her e mail from the CL web site. still waiting to hear back from her though, need to pay over the phone!
  7. I've gone to NAP and Saks but the VP in tortoise are all OOS. Can I order directly from the CL in france and they ship to me?

    if i am a 7 - 7.5 should i order a size 8?
  8. Congrats! Post pics when you get them ...
  9. I appreciate the quick response. Thank you!

  10. i am sure she would. she hasn't gotten them in yet though. they retail at €530 and shipping to me in ireland is €30.

    hope you get them, i am going a half size up so 38.5
  11. Squeak,
    Myriam had the shoes and according to her they were her last ones in that size. :yahoo:Don't worry, I am not a 38. She phoned me twice but because I didn't recognize the number I didn't pick up. :supacool: She emailed me, then called me again and we spoke. Her english is ok but I could tell there were some things she didn't quite understand such as "what's the total?" :lol: Anyway, I provided her with my CC info OTP and she just asked me to email her my mailing address. According to her, the shoes will ship via UPS today. I trust she is reputable but for transactions OTP and Internet I use AMEX just in case I have to launch and investigation and seek a refund.

    Anyway, I just wanted to thank you and post the info for those interested. I also returned the other tortoise pumps to Saks last night.

  12. oh tiffany, i am delighted for you! i did not hear from her though, which is a bit strange! what number did she call you from and i will give her a shout tomorrow.
  13. Here it is. Please let me know once you hear from her.


  14. thanks, will have to call in the morning as it is 21.30 there now
  15. Hi Ladies,

    I have emailed myriam and she told me that the shoes will be coming in a couple of weeks time and she will call me when it arrives. She, however, did not advise me on the price and the delivery charges. Did u all communicate with her via email or phone?