they found her :( -9 mos pregnant mom

  1. Sad.
  2. SO sad...

    i have an unimportant question, though. what is the picture of that dark-haired woman doing on the story? nikki giavasis? how does she play in? she looks like a low-level actress, and i didn't see her in the story...

    (sorry, this is a girl that spent entirely too much time in her copy editting class last semester...)
  3. so sad
  4. Dreadfully sad!
  5. That's terrible :sad:
  6. I've been following this story. I never, never understand why a simple divorce couldn't have just been the resolution (same thing with the Lacy trial). It's so sad and unnecessarily cruel.:sad:
  7. Is the picture you're talking about the one in this story?
    That's a picture of the missing (well, now recovered) woman.;_ylt=AgfuLpL4DqVhhyRzQMHK6DKs0NUE
    I've been following along, and it's very, very sad.
  8. "Mommy was crying. Mommy broke the table. Mommy's in rug."

    this just broke my heart in pieces, damn shame and he was a police officer. he better not ever come out of jail, i promise i won't start my death sentence rant.:cursing:
  9. think she dated/had a thing with bobby cutts (the boyfriend). i could be very wrong. if so, please correct me!
  10. Totally agree.
  11. Oh that's so sad... =( I hope her other child is okay.
  12. May her soul rest in peace....
  13. no, it's with the story that swanky posted. there's like a row of 6 or so pics, and one of them is a dark-haired woman named Nikki who is never mentioned in the story. it made my journalism-major spidey sense tingle.
  14. that is so sad!

    I feel so sorry for her 2 year old that will now have to grow up without his mommy! i just could not imagine it!!