They Forgot To Remove The Security Tag!

  1. Has this ever happened to you? You get home and put on your new white sweater or something and there it all it's glory, the hideous plastic security tag the SA forgot to take off. That happened to me twice this month! How about you? Isn't it fun to go back to the store and explain that you didn't just shoplift, that it was their fault??
  2. that totally sucks! hasn't actually happened to me yet *knock on wood* but i've worked retail before and i've seen a TON of customers come back PISSED OFF! :Push:
  3. this has happened to me once... my friend and i were the last ones in the store trying to decide what to buy... the SA's wanted to closed up - they must of turned the security system off and after i bought my top we just walked out and when i got home... i was like... "wtf?" luckliy it wasnt a dye tag one or else i would of be f-ed but my friend manage to get it off with no problems!

    Ccoldplayerlover, i hope the SA's were understand when you took your tops back in!
  4. Yeah, it's happened to me! I had a formal affair to go to and I waited until the last minute to buy an outfit. I bought a beautiful sequined skirt for $295 at Nordstrom's the day of the affair. Imagine how annoyed I was when later that day I was getting ready and discovered the security tag on it! DH and I tried to remove it but we couldn't. I had to run back to the store to have it removed. Needless to say I was not a happy camper!
  5. My question is: How come I didn't get stopped leaving the store? Isn't that the purpose of those security tags?!?!
  6. Sometimes they're fake to make you stop and think: "Hey, I really shouldn't walk out with this..."

    I bought a shirt once in high school from this store that wasn't in my college town. I went to Pac Sun because they used the same security devices and apparently, they sold the same shirt and thought I had stolen it! The cashier was SO rude to me and I couldn't really prove my case considering I didn't have a receipt (this was almost a year after I had bought the shirt). Needless to say, I didn't give another penny to that chain of stores and I eventually got it taken off at another store that believed me :smile:
  7. God!...I hate that!! :mad: I just show them the receipt and look so annoyed, I can't help it...I had to drive all the way back! And the SA that finally removes the security tag is usually not the SA who forgot to remove it in the first place! So, this is for the SA who forgot to remove it! :noggin: I think I should be given a gift for my trouble...with the cost of gas nowadays!
  8. I bought a cute suede jacket in Disneyworld last fall... Came home... Went to put it on a week later... And saw the inktag still on it. I was mortified. I called the local Disney Store. They said they could not removed it. I called Disneyworld, they said ship it to them and they would remove the tag and refund my shipping... I got the jacket back a couple of weeks later without the tag, but I never got my shipping refunded. :sad:
  9. When I used to work at blockbuster, there was a man that worked with me that had the worst memory! He ALWAYS forgot to remove the yellow tabs we use to lock the DVDs! We'd get between 1-10 phone calls a day from people asking how to get them out! We were so glad when he finally quit, the phone calls stopped!! :smile:

    This happened to me about a year a got with a hat I bought...I didn't know it was on it until I walked into a CD store and it went off! The thought I was stealing from another store as I entered his, I empted my bag and there it was! I wore the hat on my head for a little while so store clerks could easily see I entered with it and was leaving with it :P Finally went back to that shop a little while later and they kindly removed it :smile: But, yea, if you notice it too late and you buy the item and then loose the reciept/out of town or what have you, some SAs can be so rude to you when you honestly didn't steal anything and just want the object removed!
  10. I actually know how to remove the inktags at's kind of a ghetto procedure, but it does the trick! :graucho:
  11. I couldn't bring my shorts back because I was busy nursing my baby, so my mom did. They actually started to accuse her of stealing even with the receipt. YES! The SA who rang it up hit the register 2 times for one item and not the one the shorts were tagged for. They almost would not let her leave with them. Get mom ended up cutting out the sensor and sewing them up. She was so angry and she didn't want to upset me since I was nursing. She said it would have upset my milk and then the baby. I was abit upset my shorts were cut though. I still have not owrn them by the way.
  12. Which kind is it? There are a ton of different methods you can use at home.

    If it's a biege one, hold it with beige part pointing upwards and take two wreches, grab each end and bend them down at the same time. The white part with the pin in it should pop out.

    If it's the grey kind, you can use a razor to cut it along the seam of the device (NOT the seam of the clothing) and pop the needle out from the inside.

    You can also take a rubber band and wrap it around the pin part and keep twisting it around the needle section (get in between the pin and the sensor). The more you twist, the more tension, it should pop the needle from the device.

    The guys I used to work with at Abercrombie used to make a game of getting those darn things off the fastest. The first and the third work the best. Only about 1/3 of the devices actually work, the rest are duds.
  13. We got the coat at Gadzooks in the mall and a week later when we discovered the security tag the store had shut down! I ended up going to Sears and Mervyns and none of their devices worked so my last try was Old Navy and bingo! They had the wrench thingy and I'll tell you all 3 stores gave me the look over when I came in with the coat. I think the only reason they didn't give me too much trouble was because I was carrying my hugh Louis Vuitton Cabas Mezzo bag!
  14. happened to me before, i went to the store calmly and left calmly after the person was polite enough to apologize several times... it happens but its not good when u walk around to other stores n u keep setting the alarm...
  15. I had a pair of jeans that the SA forgot to take the tag off of... I called the store ahead of time telling them I was coming back in to have them remove it (the girl knew who I was after I told her I was in earlier and my reasoning behind my visit) and when I brought the jeans in, she removed the tag and gave me 10% back. Soooo... I've never had a problem with it. I don't get upset. Mistakes happen.