They Followed Me Home - Opinions Welcomed

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  1. Strange how this happens...but a couple of new bags followed me home from my errands today.

    The first was a Calvin Klein python hobo in black. I haven't a camera but here's a link to the same bag...

    I got mine at Nordstrom Rack for $49.00.

    The second was the Kempton Harness Tote from Banana Republic...,202569&clink=202569

    The leather is really nice. In fact, I had forgotten my coupon (10% off...every little bit helps) so ran home and got it while they put the bag aside for me. But..when I returned, the SA had swapped the bag I'd picked off the shelf with a "fresh" one from the back. But I didn't like the texture as much on that one, which resulted in comparing several bags side by side for texture. One SA "got it", the other...not so much.

    I welcome opinions. I'm itching for a new bag but - as you can see - can't afford to pop into Chanel or Gucci for something in that league. I usually carry a black bag and I carry LOTS of stuff. (I need to stop doing that!!)

    Thanks in advance! You guys are the best! :biggrin:
  2. Great buys! I especially love the BR bag! I have had my eye on that one!!! Enjoy!
  3. Like the Banana Republic bag!
  4. I really like the Banana Republic bag. Saw it recently, but had to resist the temptation :/
  5. The shape of the BR is nice!
  6. I have the same BR bag in black and even though it is my least expensive bag, it is my favorite as far as the way it hang on me, how comfortable it is to wear pack with a ton of stuff and mostly how it holds all my stuff, I love the divider! congrats on the new bags!
  7. I was looking at the BR downtown today. It has a nice look -- I like the shape of that bag, and the leather is good, for the price.
  8. Forgot to say: Great choices!
  9. Nice choice of bags! Congrats! Enjoy your new bags!
  10. I really like that BR bag. It's a nice looking bag and the leather is very supple.
  11. I love that BR bag.
  12. Nice bags! Congrats!!!
  13. Very nice! good score! Love the Kempton.
  14. nice bags. congtrats and enjoy
  15. thats what happens when you give them snacks!
    really like that banana republic one.