They fixed the citron!!!!

  1. Coach finally got around to fixing the color of the citron and canvas bags on the web site. I guess they got a lot of returns thinking it was a bright yellow. Now it shows as yellowish green - like it really is.
  2. ooh ... I actually like that better than the yellow. so pretty!! shoot, more stuff to add to the list.
  3. Here's last weeks version;


    And here is the version they are showing now (which is what it really looks like in the store!!!


    Now only if they still had the Pond legacy shoulderbags still online - we could see if they fixed that too!
  4. I'm glad they changed it. I like the actual one much better.
  5. They are sooo different. If you look at the catalogue pics the citron is the same color as the yellow on the penelope - so clearly they changed the color after they did all their photography. I bet a lot of people ordered it sight unseen and then were like what the heck? Even though the citron is very nice - no one likes a surprise like that!
  6. Wow - Big difference - thanks for posting
  7. Wow! Weird though....I wouldn't call the updated one citron! Thats my birthstone and the first one looks more citron. The second one looks more green!
  8. Yeah-
    Maybe Citrus?????
  9. ^^^Yeah, I'd definitely say citrus, too. I actually liked it better when it was the yellow :0(
  10. yeah it's definitely more of a citrus color. I love it. this is going to be my next bag, yay tax refund!!

  11. Ohh, I liked the original one in yellow much better than the citron.
  12. me too :sad: that color looks like baby s doodoo in person
  13. ^haha what a description :smile: i havent taken a good look @ it so i cant say
  14. good thing they changed it! its def. a big difference but such a pretty bag
  15. Big improvement! Such a gorgeous color IRL...