THEY FIT!!! *Pics* CHANEL Black w/black patent toe elastic ballet flats

  1. So I ended up getting a size 41 in these and they fit! HURRAY!:yahoo:
    So far, they feel very comfortable and are so cute.:love:
    Hopefully the elastic on the back won't bother me when I wear them for a while. (I am very picky w/shoes being comfortable!)

    Thanks again ladies for all the sizing advice!:yes:

    Here are some pics-
  2. They're beautiful on you. Is the 41 a size 10 or 11? I wear a 10 normally but worry that these wouldn't be wide enough and need a bigger size. What was the retail if you don't mind me asking?

    Congrats and I hope they work for you.
  3. They are gorgeous! Congrats! Love them!
  4. Congrats! They are very cute.
  5. Cute !!!!
    congrats !!!!
  6. Cute! I saw those at NM a few days ago and loved them! Let us know how comfortable they are to walk in.
  7. wow those are so cute. where did you get them? I want a pair, they look so gorgeous.
  8. Mine hurt they even cut me. I had to return, this was after 2 hours of wearing them. Hopefully that's not your case.
  9. I freakin LOVE these.....
  10. They are so cute!!! Now I want a pair....thanks for posting!!
  11. Oh very nice! I really like the black on black.:yes:
  12. oo those are so cute!!
  13. Those are fab!
  14. It looks so darling on you!
  15. :smile: enjoy! i just picked these up today :p