They Finally Did It . . . MC iPod Cases!

  1. These just showed up on rakuten . . .


  2. Those are nice..too bad I already got my mono one awhile back and don't want to change. :p
  3. Wow, finally ..... an Multicolore WIDESCREEN Ipod Case. :nuts:

    Does anybody know the official release date to the stores AND how much they are going for?
  4. They are cute! Does it fit the Ipod Nano?
  5. Woah those are hot :heart:
    Thanks for posting!
  6. Well, I don't know what the retail is. But the Mono and Damier are $260, so they're probably ~$300-350?
  7. PS - the funny thing is that Apple is rumored to be releasing new iPods that won't fit these cases in the next couple of weeks. Sigh. I've been holding off on buying a new iPod, and want to get a Vuitton case for it, but at this rate that might not happen soon! At least there will be an iPhone case waiting for me when I get *that*!
  8. Cute, too bad I have a nano LOL
  9. I saw that, too bad my mini broke and I'm staying away from iPods now.
  10. Thanks! ;)
  11. Nice cases !! BTW, what is "rakuten" ???
  12. I have a nano too..they should make one for nano as well!!
  13. if that was for the nano id be ALL over it! :sad:

  14. 'rakuten' is one of the biggest auction / store site in japan.....something like eBay or yahoo!!!

    this store (i'm pretty sure where he got the picture from!!! thank you for the pics, btw!!!) has a store in Tokyo.....they have an online store there on rakuten site. ;):heart:
  15. Love that! Think I'll have to steal hubby's ipod now, as I have the smaller one.