They Don't Call Me Psycho For No Reason!

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  1. I've had my eye on this floral nylon Prada tote at Jomashop for months now. I really loved the color, the pattern and how it's just so cheery looking. I could NOT get past those handles though. So cheezy! Since it came with a messenger strap, I finally caved and ordered it to see if I could deal with the straps. It arrived today and I HATE the strap handles. Yuck. Here's the stock shot so you can see what I mean.

    I was also insistent that it be made in Italy and no where else. I sent back another crossbody because it was made in China. When I buy an Italian bag, I want it made in ITALY! This one is (YEAH!) made in Italy. So the issue of the handles was still there though. Well, not for long. I took care of them. :graucho:

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  2. #2 May 15, 2019
    Last edited: May 15, 2019
    I took my seam ripper and slowly popped the seams that held the straps on to the bag. Since the bag is made of tessuto/nylon I knew I would be able to work the fabric back together to make the small stitching holes invisible. Say hello to my new and improved floral crossbody Prada bag.

    I'm the only person I know who's nuts enough to take a seam ripper to a brand new designer bag. :panic:

    IMG_20190515_161253.jpg IMG_20190515_154503.jpg IMG_20190515_154430.jpg
  3. Oh my! You removed them!
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  4. What a great print! The alteration looks great.
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  5. Wow you are brave [emoji85] congrats to your new and individual bag.
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  6. You're brave but I'm with you, it looks better now.

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  7. Thanks guys. I'm not so much brave as the fact that I not only know my limitations, I'm confident in my strengths. I wasn't concerned at all about my little project. Just took my time and voila! Plus, I HATED those strap handles and that was the only thing that was pushing me to return it. Well, she's all mine now. :biggrin:
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  8. Looks better without the strap handles. You're not psycho, you should be called Prada-AWESOME!
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  9. That's sweet, but anyone who knows me would agree that "psycho" is quite fitting. :giggle:
  10. Love your avatar. I commissioned a friend to do a painting for me last year using a similar photo for inspiration.

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  11. I love that you took those handles off!
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  12. I love your painting!
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  13. The bag is cute, and you did a great job, but wow, that painting! Beautiful!
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  14. No you're not...did the same thing with a tessuto (aaaahhhhh was there EVER such a forgiving material as tessuto???) medium sized tote years ago. Have totally thrashed that bag with everyday use, travel, used it as a shower bag and beach bag. I also kept VERY QUIET about it in case I got abused by purists. Coward me!!! But it worked out that I had the best, most functional, UNIQUE, bag of all.

    But, I do love YOUR work too PP.
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  15. The hell with purists! I bought it, I paid for it and I am the person who will be using any of my bags. Anyone that doesn't approve of my modifications? :blah::blah::blah::blah::blah::blah::blah:
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