they don't call it classic for no good reason

  1. hope this is a good way to describe a title and did it catch your attention? :p

    i'm just sharing my new buy: my very first BLACK bbag. i'd have loved it in the First style as it's really my first :heart: at first sight. i'd like a black first to end my love affair with bal ;)



    i've decided i'm not going to sweat over whether the leather's thick and soft and smooshy and smooth, or thin and veiny/marbly/mottled or whatever. i don't know what happened to me. i just know that i want to stop being sucked into all these already. i never found out how good leathers are supposed to feel. maybe each person has her own idea of great leather. i'm just treally thankful that i can actually afford not one but a few of these expensive bags.


    but maybe this shall be my last bbag. i think i won't mind at all :smile:
  2. Congrats! She's a beauty. And nevermind all the micro-analysis of leather and this, that and the other, so long as you love your bag. That's all that matters. Can't go wrong with a nice, pristine looking black box. No ma'am.

    And guess what. If you're not sure (or don't care) whether it's smooshy now, it will get smooshy with use anyway after it's broken in. ;)

    And you're right, we're fortunate to be able to have these bags.

    Enjoy your new lovely!
  3. ^^I agree with Deco 100% on not micro analysing the leather.:yes: Enjoy your bag. It looks awsome and it will look even more awsome after you use it no matter what kind of leather it has. Congrats.:yahoo:
  4. I've always been interested in the box... how do you plan to wear it?

    Modelling pics pleaaaaaaase :smile:

    And congrats xox
  5. The title caught my attention right away!! LOL

    GORGEOUS and CLASSIC :heart:

    Modeling pics!! :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  6. ITA... cOngrats GloSsie~! ;)
  7. gorgeous! i know nothing about leather either..but it is a beauty!
  8. congrats, glossie! the bag looks so cute and i love that gloss. Are you taking a break from Bal for a while? :smile:
  9. Awww glossie, surely not??

    Gorgeous box!
  10. ^^ congrats girl, i :heart: the black box :yahoo:

    p.s. i used to have one & i still miss it!!!
  11. glossie it's beautiful!! Congrats on your new box:tup:!!
  12. I am with you glossie, I see a bag and if I really love it I buy it. I try not to over analyze the leather as they are all a little different. That is a beaut and you did good!!
  13. CONGRATS Glossie! That is a VERY classy bag; it could be dressed up or casual. Great choice IF you decide to end your bbag addiction!! Post some modeling pics if you can, I haven't seen anyone model the box!
  14. beautifuuuuuulllll glossie, congrats, the leather looks great and yummy, such a great black b bag. :dothewave:
  15. LOVE your black box! Enjoy it!