They delivered my pre-ordered fall item early! *pics*

  1. The expected shipping date for this was September or October so I don't know why I got it today (not that I'm complaining). I just had to have it! Do you think it looks ok with my peggy even though it's got a white leather trim?
    neeha 008 (Large).jpg neeha 010 (Large).jpg neeha 012.jpg
  2. that is adorable!!! looks great, congrats on getting it early :smile:
  3. Congrats! So cute!
  4. I think it looks fine. The heart purse is so cute! What do you plan on using it for.
  5. Adorable heart coin case! Congrats!
  6. Thanks! It is cuter than I imagined and than in the it! I'm not sure what I'll use it for, I recently bought several coin purses from different designers...kinda went crazy. They're so cute and its like a quick fix in between purse splurges. I'll probably put quarters in it because it doesn't look like cards are going to fit.
  7. Very cute!!!! happy for you... :tup::tup:
  8. great purchase!
  9. I think its adorable!!!!
  10. I hear you ~ I've bought so many Gucci wallets and they're still in boxes, and I'm using the no-brand-name wallet that is at least 4 years old! Guess it's a mini-cure before we get the complete therapy!
  11. They're gorgeous & the change purse is adorable!
  12. its so cute!!

    can u take pics of the inside and what actually fits when u get a chance!! I JUST may NEED that ;) hehe
  13. so cute!!
  14. Gorgeous, congrats!
  15. So Cute!!!! Congrats!!!