they couldn't heatstampe my clochette :(

  1. :sad: my boyfriend and i went to brussels today to have my MC speedy heatstamped
    i asked a sa about it and she told me i had to go up the elivator and go see the man
    lol i felt like a vip, i was like..OMG I'M IN A LV ELIVATOR! but well..i wasn't that special because other people went after me lol
    anyway, i asked the man if he could heatstamp my clochette and he told me he COULD but it would come off verry quickly because of the keys
    he could heatstamp the leather near the handles but i don't really like that :sad:
    too bad, i really wanted a heatstamp and i have seen clochettes that have been heatstamped! so kind of suck but it's ok..

    i looked at the damier pochette accesoires but decided not to buy it, to small and felt really thin! almost cheap like :l
    i did ask the sa about the S/S 08 multicolor sneakers and she told me they will come in around february! also in the antwerpen store so i'll have something to look forward too!

    i did buy a leather jacket, nike air max (lol my first ones! they are really cool!), a vest and shirt so it was a good shopping day after all ;)

    thanks for reading! just wanted too share :smile:
  2. Well that's good to know because I have thought about getting mine done on my MC speedy.
  3. bummer! especially since some ladies here have had that done. funny how it varies from store to store...
  4. Awww... that is a bummer! I can't wait to see more pics of the MC Sneakers!
  5. john me neither! i am so buying those! i hope they will have them in store next month, i'll be in the boutique then :biggrin:
  6. Did you consider just getting a heatstamp without color? I think that would work.
  7. i did not cpster!
    i might think about that, but i really wanted to have color
  8. Yes, that way it won't come off when you use it... It's really cute, i did that on my neverfull.

    Glad you had a nice shopping day with us! Feel free to post your other buys ;)
  9. If think heatstamping W/o colour would look good. Colour on the clochette might detract from the "busyness" of the speedy KWIM. Or you could just get it heatstamped and get another on once the colour wears off. :idea:
  10. does anyone have a picture of a heatstamp without color? maybe i will get it done..
  11. PICT1403 (Medium).JPG

    PICT1399 (Medium).JPG
  12. thanks! looks cute!
    did you have that done in brussel?
    i'm gonna think about it!
  13. Good luck Suzanne !
  14. thank you!

    january 26 i'll be in the store i think(day after exams means SHOPPING!) so i'll ask about it then!
  15. Yes I could get that done. Without color looks cute!!