they couldnt fix my earrings...HELP!!!

  1. So a while ago i purchased the cutest earrings...they were dark grey silver studs with a drop down CC...and they were covered with multicolored crystals!! But some of the crystals fell off so i took them back to get them repaired when i was in vegas and THEY CANT FIX THEM!!! :crybaby:

    Im so upset :sad: my SA was super nice about it and was just like, you can either have the store credit or your earrings back...

    NOW i dont know what to do :sad: Im so upset...i dont even know what earrings i want! :sad: Honestly im not a huge chanel collecter, i just LOVED the earrings! (guccis my middle name ;) hehe) I only got to wear them a few times, but they were just super cute!

    WHAT WOULD YOU GUYS GET!!! I thought about putting the 200+ towards a bag, but Im weird...i told myself i wont get a bag worth more than 1200 until after law school! (that way i will KNOW i deserve it)

    WHAT TO DO WHAT TO DO!!!! :crybaby: Help please!
  2. Whatever you do (and I know this is the "generic" answer!) you have to be comfortable with it.

    I would probably attempt to replace the earrings if I found something that I liked, or I'd probably put it towards another piece of jewelry. I also adore the Chanel pearls.

    If you really want a bag, that is a good way to spend it. It just depends on priorities, really. I have plenty of bags (at the moment) but I don't have the pearls so that's probably what I'd do in this situation unless the bag I wanted was a fashion item that was limited in production.
  3. Thanks ItsMyWorld...thats sweet of you to rationalize it...and honestly i wouldnt even know where to start with a chanel bag!!!

    I know i liked the generic one...u know the one everyone has whats it called? The camdon tote?? (sorry if im buthering the name!!! im a newbie!! :smile: hehe) But i honestly dont even know what they cost!!!!! Im so lost haha! How sad is that! I ussally stick to gucci, but these earrings were too cute to pass up!!!

    NOW i dont know what to do!

    Do you guys have any suggestions of what i can get? I guess i wouldnt mind a bag, but could i get one under 1200? (with the 200 credit?) is that even possible? Sorry if i seem ditsy! haha :smile:

    I'm 23 love trendy unique things...if that helps anyone! AND im known for my bling ;) haha

    SUGGESTIONS will be MOST appreciated! :smile:
  4. I think I would attempt to replace them first...but IF you are going to regret getting a bag then don't! Hope this helps!!
  5. Also...take a look at the accesories ref. library..there is a TON of stuff in there!!!!!!!!
  6. yeahhhhh but they cant replace them skinny!! they dont have them or something :sad:

    my mom just offered to buy me any bag, but i want to feel like ive deserved it haha im so theory is i want to graduate law school before i get my first classic flap, until then im gonna have fun with crazy monogram bags! (anyone else understand this obsession i have??? or am i seriously just weird? hehe)

    hmmmm i have no idea what to get!!! I have a couple pairs of sunnies, RX glasses and a couple other earrings that are chanel...ummm but i guess i can get another pair of earrings

    I love their earrings! So very comfy!! NOW, who can recommend cute earrings! :smile: hehe
  7. Could you take them to a jeweler to have them repaired? I have seen this as an alternative to Chanel.
  8. honestly id feel a little silly doing that...i mean they arnt real or anything! just super cute costume jewlery! :smile: only worth a little over 200! I guess ill just take the credit!

    But what sucks is chanel doesnt have a boutique in az!! i wonder if i can spend the credit at niemans?
  9. I would take the credit and get something else. I've never lost any crystals from any of my Chanel earrings (knocks on wood), but I always thouyght that was something that they could easily fix. How dissapointing!!! Sorry that happened to you!!!!
  10. Did you just lose a few crystals from the earrings or did something else happen to them too? I ask because if it's just the crystals, why can't they just glue new ones in there? I'm not familiar with Chanel's jewelry, but even if they were "custom made for Chanel" crystals, they should have extra ones somewhere for just such a reason.
    I have a Katherine Baumann crystal minaudiere and it came with extra crystals in case some fell out. You'd think Chanel could either do the same or repair them.