They Closed The Casinos and The Beaches In Jersey Today!!

  1. :sad: what is the world coming to???? today at 8 am the casinos were closed down and so were the beaches. I still cant believe it!!!
  2. Oh is this because of the public servant issue ?
  3. Jesus, I seriously watch the news but I always miss the important stuff. If only I got a paper delivered!
  4. what happened?
  5. The government cannot agree on a way to pass the budget. You can read about it on cnn.

    The casinos are closed and anything state sponsored like parks, historic sites & the DMV. Not all beaches are closed (in fact most aren't). I'm at the beach house now & I can go to the beach down the block (if it wasn't raining), but a few in Cape May are closed.

    It's going to cost NJ a lot of money to keep this up!!
  6. Speaking as a public servant all that i can say is thank god I'm on maternity leave:happydance:.

    I have many many friends who are not in my position and who are laid off until the budget issue is resolved:rant:. The legislature needs to freakin get it together and resolve this issue asap. I have to say that I do support the governor on this one, but risking the ire of many with my position.
  7. do they not undestand that this is really bad for small businesses that heavily rely on crowded beaches to stay in business?
    hopefully they will agree on a budget quickly.
  8. Nope-it's a pissing contest between the governor(who doesn't need the money) and his chief rival(who doesn't need the money). If women ran government we wouldn't be in this mess!!!!!!!!!!!:feminist:
  9. This is ridiculous - I hope alot of heads roll for this one and people get voted out of office. I feel terrible for the business owners and laid off government workers in NJ - I mean government workers aren't usually even paid as well as those in the private industries. :rant:
  10. me too...and I just bought my beach tags for the year too...and that irks me that we even have to pay to get on the beach. I dont know if atlantic city beaches may be open because they dont charge to get on there. But I usually like to go to the beach in ocean city.

    Its a shame that alot of people are going to miss alot of work. I guess they wont get make up pay for this?
  11. tell me about it. this is why i am always encouraging women to get an education. women need to have emotional and financial independence to be prepared and ready to conquer anything and all.
    we need more women in the government. :feminist:
  12. i live in central jersey, so i go to point pleasant.
    no, they wont make up for this one. some are still trying to recover from last summer and are just hoping that this will be a better season.
  13. Corzine is a schmuck point blank

    my aunt is the assistant ceo of a facility for the Mentally retarded
    so a lot of 'non essential' people were sent home
    but in a facility like that they are essential

    they're even syaing that like public hospitals and things will be closed
  14. I've been hearing about this on the radio. Corzine is pretty much an idiot but closing down the government is probably a good thing.

    Except he's closing down the parts that actually MAKE the government money! He should be garnishing the wages of the legislators and banning all lobbiests. :smile:

    And how exactly do you "close" a beach?!?!?! Hello? Can you not even walk on the beach without supervision? Like you're a child?

    Granted, we don't have major swimming beaches in Washington, but we don't have them open or closed based on government. And I can't understand why your gov't is required to supervise Casinos in the first place. Our Casinos do just fine without a state worker peering over their shoulder. Sheesh.

    For the most part, I don't feel too sorry for the government workers (I was one for many years and thank God all the time that I got out!) but I do feel bad for the Casino workers and other private industries affected by all this crud.

    Good luck NJ!!!
  15. :rolleyes: only in nj. ac is going to die without the casinos and i think closing the parks and beaches is awful if it wasnt raining i would be at the beach right now :beach: its just such a vital part of jersey it doesnt make sense. politics :censor: