They call me mellow yellow...

  1. I did something very out of character yesterday. I was shopping and came upon the gorgeous convertable yellow clutch from the M.I.A. MJ ad. I knew I had to have it. I'm usually the patient eBay stalker or the deal seeker, but it was so gorgeous and I KNEW it would sell out & become hard to find. Introducing, my totally fabulous new bag.. and my first MbMJ! :love: The lining inside is SO CUTE and it's so great on the shoulder and as an oversized clutch (just tuck in the strap). The crinkle patent yellow leather is so textured and awesome. I still can't believe I jumped and payed full price. What do you guys think?? (I tried to include some modeling pics since I think people were asking for them before!)

    (oh and as a side note, my nail polish is courtesy of my fab RAOK buddy, krasata20)
    P1010005.jpg P1010007.jpg P1010009.jpg P1010010.jpg P1010011.jpg
  2. I am really jealous. I am really really jealous. I NEED THAT.I need that!

    BTW fab nail polish! how much was the clutch??
  3. JAP4life.. you should get one. I seriously jumped on it without hesitation - usually I am calling 15 people to see if it's a good idea to buy a bag. this was instant love.. or lust? :biggrin: it was $298, not including tax.
  4. 298?! oh my god, where can i get it!! LOL
  5. That is really cute, and yellow is HOT for spring!!!! Congrats. :yes:
  6. OMG the lining is so cute! 298 is a great price IMO
  7. That's so freakin' cute. I LOVE it, congrats!
  8. I have no idea where to go to or who to call! I don't have anyone near me who says M by MJ. Boo!
  9. I LUV that MBMJ yellow leather. It is HOT! I am seriously considering a MBMJ bag in this color. Great buy!
  10. What a super cute bag AND the price is crazy good!! Oh and the polish looks fabulous on u!! :smile:
  11. Oh, that's so cool! Where did you find it? I havent' seen it anywhere (online that it). That would be a great pick me up on a cold snowy day! Enjoy
  12. thanks everyone!! as far as where to get it.. I found it at the century city mall (los angeles) at a store called Cusp (owned by NM).. they had a great selection of all kinds of bags.. I was in heaven. maybe try calling the MbMJ stores? krasata-thank you again for the polish! I even painted it on myself, the color is HOT! Shop2drop1, too bad I live in SoCal.. no snow for us.. but it does work on sunny days too!
  13. spill the goods nicolj, We need this.:graucho:
  14. Love that bag! It is darling on you!
  15. The cltutch is so adorable, and I really love the yellow. Congrats!