They arrived

  1. :yahoo: Mono Speedy 30 and pouchette asscessoire are in the house. The serial numbers on each start off differently. For the Speedy it starts off AA00 and two additional numbers...does this sound right? The Speedy 30 was a tad bit smaller than what I expected...I am use to larger bags so, this is a medium bag for me. I think I should have went for the 35 instead. The pouchette on the other hand is larger than what I expected. The pouchette starts off with CA00 and then two more numbers. I love both and it is such a change because all my Gucci's and Prada's are leather so, I always thought that leather was more high end but, there is something about LV canvas that is super luxurious and I am loving it. Definitely made the right choice. I attached the pouchette to the D ring in the Speedy and was thinking of getting a wallet. Would an LV mono be too matchy matchy? I am also going to use my pouchette with my gucci and prada handbags. Will post pics long before my blond handles get some colour...I hate the brand new look and prefer a more worn look...
  2. congrats! The serials sound ok to me..
  3. congrats..can't wait to see the pics..
  4. Congrats and enjoy...
  5. congrats! :yahoo:
  6. The serial numbers will sometimes be different because it indicates where it was made and when it was made.
    Mono/mono is not too matchy. I have a mono wallet that I use with all my LV bags.
    If you're not 100% happy you can always return it and go up to the 35!
    The vachetta leather on the handles and tabs with patina with time. The more expose to light and air and the oils from your hands the darker they will become. Some ladies purposefully leave them in a sunny window all day long to achieve this effect faster.

    And congrats!!!!! Welcome to the LV world :smile:
  7. congrats!!:yahoo: please post pics!!
  8. Congrats!! Can't wait to see pics.
  9. Thank you...I love LV is so different from leather it is gorgeous and I hope that it is made to last. No more handbags for some time but, I am going to ask my partner to buy me a wallet for x-mas..any suggestions?????
  10. congratulations guccci gal :smile: cant wait to see pictures!!
  11. ah congrats! i cant believe you find the speedy 30 too small: i find my 30 way to large as my 25. youll learn to love it.

    you must post pics!! :smile:
  12. Yeah Congrats Gucci! Welcome to the LV family. I am certain it will be an addiction!
  13. congrats...enjoy
  14. Compared to the large bouvier "JKO", large gucci boston and the large gucci tote it feel like a medium size bag. It is certainly not too big. I am going to go measure it right now to make sure that they sent me the right one. Maybe I am so use to large bags that this one seems regular. Also I am tall and medium build so the 25 would have been way too small. I could pull off a 35 easily but, do not want to ship it back etc. and the size is smaller but, nonetheless I like it. I need a medium bag...every girl needs a medium bag!!!
  15. Congrats!