They Are Up

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  1. ok the fall bags are up, I can't talk right now, must check them out, will report later, all ideas can go here

  2. Looks good so far!

    I'm glad he's making the Cecillia without the nylon strap! :yahoo:
  3. thanks for the heads up joke!!
  4. :nuts: they're bringing back the stella with a few modifications! they're using the mercer style stitching. :s

    the frogs are back too!

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  5. I am in so much trouble!! I love so many of them. There is even a sort of STELLA!!!! The new Stams and the larger Blake are gorgeous. I haven't even looked at very many. I need to go back for a better look. At first, all I saw were those longer bags and I wasn't impressed. Then.....there they were. I need to start saving money now!

    The only complaint I have is that I hate how that website is set up. It makes me nuts. Also, can't wait to see the prices on these bags. I seriously saw so many I would love to have. I am sure the prices are going to be pretty high.
  6. I am in TROUBLE. I was just thinking today "wow, I'd like to have a Stella with a longer strap". MARC JACOBS READ MY MIND!!!
  7. ok, so right off the bat.... wth?? the sob made a quilted mary in dark purple??!!! my favorite color!!! and only showed it to me 30 minuted after i bought the papaya? oh- i could kill him, but maybe ill just save for the purple too.

    these are my favorites, i am really looooving the smooth alyona. i am going to have to check that out as soon as they come in.

    and it looks like he's still feeling the knotted/ mercer styles. and longer shoulder straps with everything!! and a semi-stella?

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  8. three favorites so far:

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  9. omg. i love this, but silver hardware? why?!

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  10. Yay! Making me glad I waited. Will reserve judgment 'till I take a peek...
  11. ^^ wow, its still beautiful though. a nice different look to the classic stam. maybe it'll grow on you :shrugs:

    is it just my computer or are no actual style Names showing up after clicking on an item? I really love Stam, item #23 in that pale grey.

  12. I love the silver hardware! I think it gives it a funky, vintage feel. Love this bag!!:drool::drool: I love all the Stam variations. So cool to see something new.
    Were there any regular quilted Stams? I didn't see them.

    I am so glad these bags were finally posted. Now, I can forget about spending money on some bags I *thought* I needed. When do these bags show up in stores??
  13. That's gorgeous! I love the silver hw on it! It's about time!!!!
  14. ^^ only numbers.

    yeah- there is a lot of silver hw- but a bunch of gold too. i think its a nice mixture since everyone is so divided on this.

    i love the color of the lilac ostrich stam- the light grey is pretty too jen.
  15. ahhh, ok. i was about to get mad at my computer for being lame :P thanks jess :smile: I think all the ostrich items i've browsed through look pretty great. the light grey stam is lovely but im not sure how i'm feeling that yellow trim. Will definitely need to see these guys IRL :yes: