They are talking about Hermes on the VIEW

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  1. About knock offs, how Hermes is such a status symbol...its all RIDICULOUS. Also other brands now...
  2. Great, just what Hermes does not need in my opinion.
    I am so sick of the hype that I more often carry a Trim or Berlingot than a Birkin these days. I hope this all blows over eventually.
    I always considered Hermes a quiet brand.
  3. :confused1:

    Whats the view?

    ( Its the celebs / fashion industry thats doing all this)

    The youth will buy fakes, they have so much peer pressure on them
  4. It is the stupid show on which Whoopie Goldberg as much as condoned Michael Vick's dog fighting earlier this week.

    I hate to think of Hermes mentioned on the same show.
  5. I have a love-hate relationship with H being talked about in magazines/tv-shows.
  6. :nuts:
    Now I know the reason that 1) I've never liked Whoopie G, and 2) she was not invited to Oprah's big shindig for black women who forged the way for others.
  7. I agree golconda. I've never been a fan of The View and it does not sound like it is getting any better. Whoopie Goldberg as much as condoned Michael Vick's dog fighting earlier this week -- go figure!
  8. not the VIEW!! eeeeewwwww
  9. ----------------------
    Yup - it's that STUPID show alright.:tdown::tdown::tdown:
  10. Oh Hermes is such a status symbol! LOL. I'm surprised this annoys/bothers people?
  11. I loathe the View. And most of the women on it.
  12. I've never seen it, just heard of it...and am not liking what I am hearing.
    But I too am tiring of all the hype. It makes me leave the Birkins at home more often than I would otherwise. I just don't want to deal...
    Bolides and garden partys got a lot of use this summer.
  13. View this..:throwup:
  14. The View is my guilty

    Barbara Walters said she would NEVER spend that much on a bag and would not carry Hermes...I have seen her in H jewelry though....

    They were pretty much saying that most people can't tell real from fake blah blah blah...and how people buy alot of H resale.
  15. I saw it too, weird, i never see this show, but I was looking for osama video....anyway Babs said she would NEVER buy one; it is ridiculous to spend that much on a handbag. The brown haired one says she buys fakes on canal street...the gist what that Hermes is just for status and it is ridiculous to spend that kind of money on a pocketbook.

    Good!!! More Hermes for the rest of us!!!!