They are so SHINEY!!! *PICS*

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  1. oh la la ...

    Only one in Michigan with these ;)



  2. wow your not kidding they are super shiney!
  3. Wow!!! :nuts:

    Major Bling!! :drool::drool:

    Those are gorgeous. Congrats Matt!
  4. wow i love those! do they come in womens? lol

    However, I'm not sure if I could pull them off... I don't think silver shoes would look so hot with Ralph Lauren! LOL
  6. gorgeous!!! congrats, Matt!!!
  7. Woah, they are shiny ! Congrats !
  8. Actually, they do come in womens!

    Hopefully next season they come in GOLD :drool:
  9. Hi Matt,
    The DH and I saw those at the NY store on Saturday and we loved them!
    They will look great on you for sure. I don't think my DH could pull them off though, but I won't tell him that :smile:
  10. haha tosh! you see everything! My store wasn't even supposed to get these but they ordered them for me!

    only 25 pairs being made in an 8.5 (my LV size) and there are 13 left as of now :smile:
  11. GOSH Matt they are incredible....totally awesome! I don't even have words.

    Except my brother would totally LOVE these. He wears the best shoes, I was teasing him about his superhero sneakers the other day - all royal blue and silver bling. So these would go well. I may have to get these for him!

    Modeling picts PLEASE
  12. Matt those are so beautiful! The silver is gorgeous. We need a pic of you modelling these beauties:tup:
  13. I absolutely love how they shine without a patent feel to them. Love the logos too. A very suave add to your collection, Matt :tup:
  14. I will post some pics for everyone ;) hold tight

    these shoes are beyond words, when I pulled them out of the dustbags to try them on, I nearly lost my breathe!
  15. Oo those are some hot shoes! Congrats!