They are on their way!!!

  1. :yahoo:
    After all the drama yesterday, my bank finally finished up my deposit. And soooooooooooo MY BAGS ARE COMING! They shipped today! I'm so excited.
    Buon Viaggio in Pirata and Campeggio in Adios Star.
    Pulse definitely rules!!!

    And my Dolce in Paradiso is shipping today from the Lesportsac outlet. :party:

    Now I'm heading for eBay to scour for some older prints.
  2.'ve got the toki fever....
  3. I know!! I always thought the designs were cute, but I never thought about really buying any of the bags. Then I happened on a deal at UO on here and got the Zucca in Inferno. Suddenly I was hooked!!!!
    Now I'm debating whether I want to have my hair done or buy a hoodie. Do I want to get my oil changed for buy the Playground bracelet? It's maddening.
    And I am going to get a digital camera, just so I can post pictures on here. :wtf:
  4. yeah, that's the I color my own hair for the next several months to afford my purchases and look like crap but stylish with my tokis? People will probably look at my bag over me anyway! ha!
  5. yay, congrats!! :biggrin:
  6. I can't wait until my tax refund check gets here. Then I'm gonna order, order, ordeer. lol
  7. Congrats on all your purchases!
  8. I just ordered from the Lesportsac outlet in Southampton. Joyce was great, very helpful, although they don't really help with the print placement, but that was fine.
    Now the good news!!! I got my youngun's Paradiso Dolce, an Inferno Denaro and DRUMROLL PLEASE!!

    A TAN PLAYGROUND BELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For 60 bucks!!! They only had two left. I almost fell over. I made sure that it wasn't one of the Camo ones, and she assured me that it was the tan background playground. I am so psyched!!!!!

    And the best part? 180 bucks w/shipping for all three!

  9. are offically addicted to toki!!
  10. YAY i just ordered... i feel bad for lindsey i kept emailing her for a while now since i kept missing their business hours due to time differences! ... i ordered the playground bella, cammo olive mamma mia, and cammo black carmellina :smile: it totaled to $169.44 she said she's mailing it tomorrow and it should be at my apt 6 days from tomorrow :biggrin: I'm so happy!! (someone a couple days ago on LJ said they called and didn't have any playgrounds left but i guess it wasnt true? :shrugs:)
  11. tehlilone.. you must have ordered the last tan playground bella!!
    I just called and order my bambinone and she said nothing in playground tan??
    When Did you call & order? DO you think the mamma mia in cammo black is cute?? I might have to call & order that too!! it is $65 rite?
  12. juliecrystal... i posted once i ordered it :sweatdrop: but she said there were two left (then again malleficent said they told her there were only two left also) so i might've gotten the last one.

    I saw the cammo olive mamma mia in person at a Nordstroms (they were being complicated so i didnt buy it there) but i'm not sure about the cammo black. Honestly from pictures of the print I liked the olive better because i think the olive is less obtrusive then the black and i see the little characters more. but that's just me :sweatdrop: i might end up loving the cammo black since i haven't seen it yet though
  13. Joyce called and gave me my tracking number, so it's on the way! Or will be tomorrow when the UPS guy picks it up. :yes:
    I'm so excited. I've just spent over $400 on toki bags today. Maybe I shouldn't be so excited, lol!! :upsidedown:

    I'm wondering if the camo prints will go down more when they get closer to the new ones going in? Does anyone know if the outlet stores ever go below 50% off?
  14. Originally I wasn't impressed with the black camo print either, having seen it only on the internet, but I saw a bella bella in black camo (for full price!) at my Nordstrom's when I bought my Adios Star and it really popped a lot more than I thought it would. So I bought one from the outlet for $80ish + shipping & I'm hoping I get it today!
  15. I hope that when i get my stuff that there's still some cammo left... if i decide i really like it i might get more :rolleyes: