They are "in" in DK, but do you like..?

  1. The past year, maybe even longer these wallets have been so popular. Maybe you have seen them as well in your country. Almost every girl in DK have one. They come in many diffrent colours...

    Do you like them..? I just want to know for fun.. :smile:

    2974977.jpg 2970868.jpg jjhffff.JPG

  2. I think they're cute and colourful.
  3. I do really like them! Especially the first one.
  4. I like them too! They look cute. Where do they sell them?
  5. i like em.... where can i get them from?
  6. Very Cute - please tell us where you get them
  7. They are pretty, nice colors!
  8. They sell them all over the place here in DK. I don´t think there is a site for it or store outside DK. I guess you have to buy them true anyone you know or maybe you just have to look around cous they don´t cost that much..

  9. oh darn i would have boguht one!!:crybaby:
  10. If you want I can look for one for you. What colour would you like..?

  11. Wow, I love them! How much are they and how big are they? Thanks.
  12. Very cheap. But sometimes 200kr, maybe even more in danish crown. I think the sizes is around 17cm wide and 12cm high. Usually we just say small, medium or large. One big room, you part in two.

  13. they are sooo cute!!! I want one lol!
  14. Did not think they would be so liked.. :smile: If anyone wants to buy one I´m offerin to help by getting them true me. If you dare. You guys are always welcome to pm me if you really want one..I al ready are looking for sites where you can get them.

  15. AH PINGO!!!!!!

    That is the name. It looks like the wallets are not much in the 06 collection..