They are HUGE!!! AND I love them!

  1. My first pair of Dior sunnies...I usually only wear Gucci, or Tom ford...(becuase they fit me well..) but these caught my eye! They were just delivered! Arent they cute?!
    pics 764.jpg pics 765.jpg
  2. :nuts:.. How beautiful!
  3. very cute!
  4. Love about a pic of them on your face?? Oh and where did you buy them?
  5. Wow, they look great! Modeling pics? :graucho:
  6. Love them!!! I've always wanted these.....I'm a sunglass junkie!!! Congrats!
  7. I really like them!! Please post modeling pics :tup:
  8. Love 'em!!!
  9. oooo! I like. You're so lucky! Cuz diors never fit me...I have a big head...haha. wear it proudly!
  10. They are TDF!!
  11. Those are huge! I love them.
  12. Beautiful! How about some modeling pics?!
  13. Love them!
  14. gorgeous!

    are they "glossy"?
  15. NICE~!! :nuts:Love the view from your window too! :wlae:

    MOdeling pics?