They are here...

  1. :yahoo:
    Thanks to TPF and the price hike, I got in on buying these three classic beauties, especially to fellow tpfer-- habanerita for the pink one---- she is my favorit:party:
  2. pictures...
    DSC03141.jpg DSC03151.jpg 020807_12442.jpg 020707_12491.jpg 020807_12431.jpg
  3. Yeah!! Post some pictures!!
  4. Cant wait!
  5. omg!!!! WOW!

    What a haul! they look GREAT on you!
  6. Lucky, lucky you! They are fabulous! :heart:
  7. How do you get the pictures to display in the thread instead of just links?
  8. Here they are...:graucho:
  9. Thanks.:shame:
  10. LOVE THEM ALL!!! ADORE THEM!! Thanks for posting!
  11. Thank you.:p I had dig my purse fund hard on this one.:supacool:
  12. You are welcome! Thanks for looking! Glad to be part of TPfer.
  13. Congratulations! Great choices :yes:
  14. Those are GORGEOUS! Congrats!
  15. WOW.... Triple congrats!!! They look fabulous on you!!!