1. They both arrived and I love them both. :love: Turquoise it gorgeous but I was blown away by the pebbled flat brass. Condition on both is like brand new. My very nice turquoise seller even sent me a vey nice box of yummy chocolate raspberry truffles.

    The first 2 of the turquoise are in the sun, the last is inside with flash. Big difference.
    pic012.jpg pic015.jpg pic003.jpg pic007.jpg pic010.jpg

  2. OMG Powder....I'm dying over your turq!!!

  3. Congratulations.
  4. OMG!...
    I was bidding on that pebbled baby too...:nuts: is that the one from eBay?
    She's GORGEOUS!
    CONGRATS!!! ENJOY!:drool: :drool: :p
  5. Powder, both of these bags are TDF! LOVE the Turq. City! ENJOY!!!
  6. It is Gigi. For some reason, that pebbled pulled at my heart string for months as I ogled it on naff. When I saw that one on eBay, I couldn't resist and it's so much more beautiful in person. I really love it. REALLY LOVE IT! :love: It's just beautiful. Sitiffer, not as soft as the others, but much sturdier. She's a beauty and she will be well loved and used. My fiance wanted to polish the brass and I said "DO NOT TOUCH THAT BAG". :p
  7. Wow,wow,wow!!! They're gorgeous! I'm in love with your pebbled flat brass! It's stunning! Congrats!
  8. Beautiful Bags! Love them both. :yes:
  9. [​IMG]

    gorgeous!!!! but i admit i LOVE LOVE LOVE ur turq 05 more :drool: :drool: :drool:
  10. Love them both !!:heart:
    I also love how the turquoise looks different in every picture. To me it doesn't matter how many pics I take of mine, you just cannot get the true color (and beauty:love: ) of this bag captured in pictures !:yes:
  11. Both bags are beautiful, congrats!

    Seeing the pics. of the bags with water background makes me lean forward in my seat a bit as if I want to catch them before they fall in!:yes:
  12. Both are gorgeous !!!
    But I must admit your turq City is TDF !!!
    Congrats Powder !!!!!!!
  13. So pretty!! I never get tired of seeing pictures of the '05 turquoise.:yes:
  14. That flat brass is so AMAZING!!!! congrats !
  15. Will we be getting body shots? I love when you do that so we can see how they look on. Those are both really lovely bags. I am in awe of that turquoise.