They are heeeeeeere, whow, whow, whow!!!

  1. I am in CL "heaven" right now......tralala lala la la laaaaa.
    Have a little peek..;)

  2. waiting waiting!!!
  3. WHAT IS IN THE BOX??!???

    i'm so excited!!!!
  4. New shoes! Show us. Please. Pretty, pretty please.
  5. catcat i will come to france and make you open it faster! it's not that far! haha
  6. okay, i returned to this thread to see if there was an update....

    catcat, please share the love already!!!
  7. Ok.....

  8. Oh, that's so mean. Some of us can't take the anticipation.
  9. Woohoo! *Waves $20 bill*
  10. Let's see them!!!!

  11. .... that could pay for a pair of red vibram soles, lol..

    These beauty's are a bid shy so hang in there :p

  12. i spy python?
  13. LOL I know what it is, BUT I will shut my mouth so everybody else is surprised. Glad you got them! They are gorgeous. Please post modeling pics. :smile:
  14. i vaguely recall as well :x
  15. Ok I can't hold it any longer :sweatdrop:, this is too hard....
    Modelling pics are a bid off, had boots & socks on right before will take more for shure....

    I proudly present :

    N° 110 Prive Ayers Roccia



    P1010303.jpg P1010305.jpg P1010294.jpg P1010295.jpg