They are comming!

  1. Yesterday i went to go and look for some Balenciagas that this dutch e-bay seller is selling He showed me a lot of other bags that he was going to put on e-bay for auction and there where also a lot o Marc Jacobs bags. I dont know al the names and the colours and size but he has a huge collection.
    I bought a very special Balenciaga bag a perfect old bag from 2003 spring that was almost not used.
    But he and his lovely bag stole my heart.
    Hugs FX:heart:
  2. Are they authentic? The Venetia name plate looks a little wrong to me - but I sure those on here more expert than me will know.
  3. This looks off to me as well...
  4. Doesn't look real to me. :oh:
  5. I am the best with the authentification of Balenciagas and i know for sure. That the bags are authtentic and lovely.
    But where are the Marc Jacobs experts to help?????????????????????????

    Hugs FX:heart:
  6. This looks like the bag Christy was asking about earlier---

    Looks WAY off to me. Yuck...
  7. Hi there,
    everyone I'm the seller fx was talking about. I am quickhyperstrike on eBay.
    I'm new on this forum and I was never into handbags.
    But my boss, (huge collector of bags) asked me if I could sell her bags, so she could make new space for her newest bags.
    Most of the bags she wants me to sell are used max. 5 times or even brand new.
    But the problem is I don't how I can convince you all that all the bags I am selling are 100% real.
    please let me know what kind of pictures you need to let me show you that all my bags are 100% auth.

    By the way, the nameplate what is wrong with it?
  8. It's not just the nameplate. The overall texture of the bag is wrong. You are welcome to post clear pictures of the nameplate, serial tag, and leather in the --- Authenticate This MJ --- thread for us to examine further if you'd like.