They are all 3 here & all beautiful! Help!! Plus a b-bag!!

  1. OMG,

    this may be the best 24 hours I've had in a long time!!! The Barney's arrived today!!! I LOVE, LOVE the b-bag. I love the size, I love the shape, I love the color. It is for sure a keeper. I am so thrilled with it!!! I also love the gris/vert. The silver lock is awesome. The color is so fun, not a stale grey. It is youthful and perfect. My only issue is that the side where the lock hangs is more smooth and the back (which would hang against your body) is very pebbly. But I can live with this.
    There is still the debacle with the nutmeg and whiskey. Both are incredible! I am no closer to a decision. With the strict Chloe exchange policy I need to figure this out today.

    I cannot decide! It is like they are so similar in terms of color family, but so different in terms of brightness. So it comes down to whether I want a stand out bag, or a more subtle tone!

    Pics are on the way thanks to Iluv2shop!! Am heading out of town, but will be checking the form via my Treo to see what you think!! I, as always, appreciate your thoughts!!! By the way, gris/vert shows much better on Aloha Rag. I think my picture looks totally lame, but it is a really strong color!!! And according to Chloe NY there is a color just called Gris, it is very dark and has a brass colored lock!

    You guys are awesome!!!! :yahoo: :tender:

    So you now have triplet paddy's!! :smile: Might be cosmic and you will have
    to keep all three - hee hee

    Can't wait to see the pics, esp side-by-side of nutmeg and whiskey!!
  3. ooooh me too. I want to see the piccies. I am so glad you adore your b bag too. It sounds so devine :heart:

    I would chose the nutmeg I think, its a new modern take on the original whiskey but not too different as to be confused as a much different colour. Its nice to have the latest bag if the colour is not so different :yes:
  4. Here are the photos of Triplets05 bags. Whew - a tough decision....
    IMG_0155 (Small).JPG IMG_0161 (Small).JPG IMG_0163 (Small).JPG IMG_0167 (Small).JPG IMG_0168 (Small).JPG
  5. I vote whiskey. Next to the whiskey, the muscade looks washed out.

    And is the BBag ink?
  6. I just looked at my own photos and gris/vert looks like a vinyl bag! I swear it's the photography. I have been told it is just a darker version of mousse. It is outstanding! Thank you so much Iuv2shop for doing this! You are a sweetheart! Musacade has the depth in terms of color, it just doesn't pasck the punch. Which is OK, because I do have the b-bag and g/v for punch! As a wise PFer once told me...:smile: you know who you are....I still want to love it in the years to come. I don't want to be "over" the orange thing and regret getting whiskey. But, !@#%^%%&**^(^, I love them both. I should never have ordered the whiskey from, there would not be a problem! It is a good problem to have, but confusing all the same!
  7. I agree regarding the whiskey. The muscade looks tame compared to the whiskey. If you could only keep two I would keep whiskey and the ink bbag. If you were to keep three I would keep the whiskey, ink bbag and the VG. The muscade should go....
  8. BTW......Chloe NY only has 1 muscade left. They sold out of all the rest in 1 week. This worries me, because I think both whiskey and muscade are/going to be popular colors and hard to get ahold of. Crap!
  9. I love the muscade! I think i need to get another one! :whistle:
  10. Whiskey more than muscade because I don't believe whiskey will be produced in the future....
  11. I like the whiskey over the muscade - love the b-bag and the gv.
  12. Jealous!! They are all so lovely!!

    The whiskey really "pops" though. The GV looks just like my mousse :smile:
  13. Not sure I would describe the ink BBag as having punch, though :s
  14. Hun I sent you an email! How many do you get to keep? I love all these bags it's so hard to give an opinion! :love:
  15. [​IMG]

    Oh, my, my, MYYYYYYY!!
    I'm having Baggasms!!
    They're all SOOOOO gorgeous!! :nuts: :drool:

    I prefer the MUSCADE paddy to the whiskey.
    It's such a beautiful shade of brown.