These were in my closet BUT ... PICS


    I will make this short and simple as possible BUT PLEASE HELP ME!
    Here is a photo of my handbag collection, love them all but am UNHAPPY because I have sold most of my Balenciaga bags
    :sad: didnt have that many but boy am I sick, so sick :yucky:!!!
    I am going to let some thing go to fund me a new bag and I am NEVER going to let it go , NEVER :crybaby:
    This is were I need you guys... I am needing help since I live in Ky and have to order by phone.
    1. Black RH City (had this size but not in BL)
    2. Black RH first (had one sold it)
    3. Black RH twiggy (never seen style IRL)

    As you can tell I want Black with RH then I will start to build colors again after I get it but its a must right now and I am not sure which style to go with :shrugs:.
    I tell you what, you would think I would be happy with what I have but NO WAY...I am not doing without BALENCIAGA , PERIOD!!! Some must go but OH WELL... BYE BYE!!!
    I really need you all to please comment on the style above, PLEASE

  2. Maybe you should check out the Clubhouse for the City, Twiggy, and First clubs as well as the reference library for detailed pics (there're some really good photographers here...) as well as modeling ones.
  3. your post is hard for me to read since it's all centered. . . I'm not sure what you're asking:shame:
  4. why don't you start with a black city? or a nice red, or another pop color?
  5. Hey T! I think that a Black City is a MUST HAVE for any collection and would be a perfect addition to your family :heart:
  6. I have a black first, and it's ultimately my most favorite bag. But I think you should start with a black city. It's classic and a good size. The first tends to be too small for most people as an everyday bag. You can't go wrong with the black city! As for the twiggy, I'm not a fan because it's too long. I also remember reading that since it's more shallow, things tend to fall out of it. Good luck! Black rh is a great way to restart your collection.
  7. No question - you need the basic Black City!!! It's the must-have item for every gal's Bbag collection.

    Personally I find the First far too small, and the twiggy far too sausage-y.
  8. I agree with hmwe46. Start from the basic -- Black RH City, then grow from there.
  9. Definitely start with a RH City
  10. What Swanky said! But I'm confused!!!
  11. i vote for black city. an essential!
  12. Black Rh City!
  13. Hate to be redundant, but black city, of course! :okay:
  14. ITA with HMWE46 and sunny07, a black city is a MUST in every handbag collection.Not too small, not too big.Just right for your everyday nees!:tup: