These shoes? Help!

  1. I hope i'm posting this in the right place..

    Anyway, i found this picture on the internet and those chanel shoes are AMAZING!
    aaah! I want to buy chanel shoes this summer when i am visiting rome and these shoes are just so me!
    Can anyone tell me more about them? Are they still availible, if so what would the price range be?
    Gosh..i love them!
  2. Saks in short hills has them. they are new
  3. Thank you for your reply!
    I'm from holland so i can't go and visited Saks, too bad ;)
    Do you have any idea what those shoes would cost?

    I am going to Antwerp tomorrow and they have a chanel boutique there, is it wrong to ask for a price if you know you can't buy them (not tomorrow anyway)?
  4. Sorry, don't know the price but you should go to the boutique and ask about the shoes, doesn't matter if you are not buying right away. You can tell them that you saw the shoes on a magazine and wanted to check them out in person, see how they felt and looked... and you are not sure if you like them, if you don't want to buy them on the spot... and that you'll think about it. That's what the stores are there for!!
  5. Thanks!
    It is so stupid but i always feel a little nervous (sp?) when i'm in a designer store haha :p
    I'm only 19 and I always thinks they'll just see me as some little brat
  6. I seen these a few months back- I seen the in Chanel Boutique at Tysons, I wanted the baby blue ones- which are so cute, that color in the picture may very well be sold out..
    They are $620.00. I am still contemplating getting the baby blue...
  7. Suzanne, are you going to the SN3 Boutique with the Chanel corner in Antwerp?
    The Chanel SA's over there are really nice ladies and very patient with customers:yes:
  8. Don't worry about being young. You are the customer. Good luck I hope you find what you are looking for.
  9. monaco has them and also in silver
  10. They are cute:smile:
  11. Those are cute if I had the money laying around I'd get them! HAHA
  12. Are we talking about the white with black toe, running type shoe? I bought those in black last year. They fit a bit small... if you find them, go up half a size. :yes:
  13. If it's the white with the black patent toe, Neiman Marcus San Francisco had them last year, they may still be available. I think they were around $500? I can't remember exactly.
  14. i fell 19 too, and sometimes the SAs just ignore me!!!oh and i love the shoes too!!they look chic yet comfortable.hehe
  15. Today i went to chanel (indeed at the SN3 store Beautylicious :smile: ) and asked for the price
    If anyone is interested, the leather ones are 390 Euro, Textile ones are 360
    I have my mind set on the white leather ones, hoping to buy them when I go to Rome (just 100 days away ;) )