these shoes ... could be my first?

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  1. You should check the sizing thread. Someone may have posted the sizing there.
  2. I believe that these run TTS. Like mentioned above, check the sizing thread to be sure!
  3. i don't think any CLs run true to size for me. i'm a US 9 but usually get a 40, or at LEAST a 39.5 despite what i've found in the sizing thread. if you can, i'd recommend going to a store to try on some different CL styles and maybe find a style that's similar so you at least know generally how the different sizes run for you. these wedges look super comfy though with the low heel, so good luck!
  4. I agree with rainy. I wear a size 9 in regular US shoes and all of my CLs are size 40 or 39.5. The sizing is CRAZY!!!