These shoes are too cute!!!

  1. I wish I could wear these. I love the colors!!!
  2. wow... i never thought beyonce would wear those shoes... i thought one of the olsen twins would be wearing them....

    but i love these shoes i think they are really cool!
  3. Wow i like them.
  4. so cute.
  5. really cool,those shoes look good on her:tup:
  6. I could wear these shoes, but could never justify the price tag. I just couldn't...
  7. They are cute, but they somehow remiond me of Leggo's, maybe it's the colors?
  8. Does anybody know the REAL name for these shoes?
  9. Oh my gosh, I want to get these for my sister (and they're only $1,275) but I don't have any money.
  10. They look like Transformers shoes. For that price, they better transform into a bag!!!
  11. They totally remind me of legos too!! Not my style, but they'd certainly be an eye catcher. What makes them so expensive?? They look like plastic? (hence the lego-esque feel)
  12. Yikes. Those are truly heinous. I'm sorry, but even Beyonce looks totally ridiculous!

    A+ for originality though!
  13. HOT shoes to look at but totally not comfortable!! they still have one more pair at BalNY.
  14. I just cannot believe the price!
  15. These Shoes Are Not $4,175!!! They're $1,275!!! I Just Called Jeffrey In Atlanta.