These Shoes Are Sooooo Cute!!!!

  1. the white are super cute...but the other...I dunno. ;)
  2. THese are cute , to bad i have trouble with wearing flats lol
  3. A bit too flat for me
  4. i want them in black!!!!!! or white actually... but they never carry size 5s.
  5. great...another pair I HAVE to buy! LOL! I am ordering the black flats right now!!!
  6. oooh..the white ones are adorable!! i'm worried that they won't be comfy cuz of the back tho..
  7. So cute. Much better than that Chloe with the big bow, so yucky.
  8. AW! Very cute. Man I love that they have buckles, but theyre not my style.
  9. oh how cute! need the gaucho to go with it though....
    this forum is killing me slowly.....
  10. :love: they are really cute!!!!
  11. Not only do they look cute, they look comfortable too!
  12. Cute shoes - have you ordered them?
  13. i tried them on last saturday in the dior shop....they're not particularly comfortable, it's like walking with naked feet but they are soooo cute and i love flats sooo much that i wanted to buy them!!!
    my size was left only in black(well, i liked them so much that i made my foot fit a smaller size)but i just bought a pair of black flats!!!i wanted the white ones sooo bad!!!!!
    didn't see the blue jean one in real, but i saw the blue gaucho that caught all my attention!!unortunately they didn't have the small saddle one, but i got on the waitlist!!!!!!
  14. I'm in love.....I want them now!