These sales have found me with my First Chloe!

  1. For some reason, I just can't get the four-pocket Betty out of my mind - maybe it's because it seems to be the end of the line (except for python)!


    My large Betty arrived from Nordstroms MoA's presale and I'm blown away! Now I know what brun looks like! I was agonizing over it because I wanted a Betty so badly. Turns out it's a beautiful dark taupe - very cool!

    brun lg betty.JPG
  2. I have the same bag in Chamois....I love her. She doesn't have the rings though:crybaby:Couldn't pass her up during NM Sale. Love your bag....Congrats!!!!!!! Yummy color:drool:
  3. Thanks! I seem to be behind with this style so I missed the chamois - which I think is a gorgeous color!
  4. girlygirl3, are u going to use her everyday...she's a bit big and I have yet to take her out. bought the shopper?...same color...and am using her right now. Crazy!! bought 2 betty's in same color!
  5. What a beauty--congrats!
  6. gorgeous!!!
  7. Funny you should ask, Lynnie! I've only been modeling it in front of the mirror at home! Yes, she's big but somehow it doesn't overwhelm me. (I purchased the Rafe Union Square hobo in patent navy but that was huge and I returned it.) I want to take her out when I'm not going to the gym, so probably lunch on Saturday! And the weather should be nice too. I have to break her in!
  8. yay, congrats!
  9. Congrats, I think the Betty is such a cool bag. May I ask how much you payed for her?
  10. Gorgeous bag, congratulations.

    The four pocket is just stunning. You did really well!!
  11. I have that same bag (see my avatar)... its gorgeous! The leather is so buttery and soft.. I love squishing her. My cream is perfect for summer, but that dark taupe you got... that can work all year round. Good Choice!:tup:
  12. catcat:
    I got her at 40% off the $1800, plus tax = $1170 and free 2-day air shipping (even though the SA said it would take 7-10 days)!

    Yes! I was thinking the same thing about how I can take this through the whole year! I am very happy with this color!

  13. P.S. - I think the cream is gorgeous!
  14. Woohoo!!! What a great deal!!!
  15. Congrats! The betty is such a versatile bag! Love it!