These prices are great!

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  1. Hi ladies. I just stumbled upon this site. Does anyone know if it's for real? The prices are unbelievable if you don't mind last season.

    Okay, I'll have to find out the verdict in the am. That smilie will be me in another five seconds.:sleepy:
  2. I guess that we'll have to look for the link in the a.m.
  3. and which site is that?
  4. We, at, offer only 100% authentic, brand new merchandise. We only purchase our merchandise from authorized dealers and because of this, we stand behind the authenticity and quality of all of the merchandise that we sell. We do not claim to be an authorized dealer or agent of any of the designers' products that we sell. All references to Fendi®, Prada®, Burberry®, JP Tod's® and Marc Jacobs® are for identification purposes only. Fendi®, Prada®, Burberry®, JP Tod's®, and Marc Jacobs® are the registered trademarks of their respective companies. However, stands behind all sales made on this site and offers its guarantees on all sales

    I think not...I wouldn't trust this site. IMO the prices are too good to be true.
  5. I thought they might be so cheap because they were not current season merchandise. If it's too good to be true....
  6. you never know-see what everyone else thinks!:yes:
  7. maybe go ahead and post that in the specific designer forums as well :shrugs:

    Never heard of the site and you can't be too careful online nowadays :sweatdrop:
  8. Well, they do have a link to the BBB saying they are legit and in good standing. But still doesn't mean they aren't selling fakes :supacool:
  9. So any update if the people in the specific designer forum though that these were authentic? They are great prices.
  10. I don't trust it but I'm not an expert. Looks like they pwn a lot of websites from poker supplies to wedding favors. Do a search on their name "Bariss Enterprises" in google. There's even an old complaint from 2005 in the results...
  11. prices seem to good to be true.
  12. Fake Bags for sure look at the MJ Bags up close.
  13. yeah, looks fake to me.
  14. I only buy from big department. Sometimes you can grab good price during their clearness.
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