These Pradas are killing my feet, but look at them!

  1. I got these MONTHS ago, but haven't been able to wear them, because the weather in NYC has been cold and yucky. It's finally getting warm and I couldn't wait to put them on. And now...

    my feet are killing me!!!

    But I'm still happy, because look at them! :p
  2. :shocked: wow i wouldnt care about the pain! they are soo hot OMGOSH i want them! Wow so pretty ^_^ Lol!
  3. Thanks for the support! :biggrin: Now I'm just sitting in my office, avoiding having to get up and walk as much as possible. :p
  4. those are cute. they look heavy.
  5. Those are hot! but they do look painful!! You are brave wearing platforms like that to work...I wear flats or kitten heels...I would die.
  6. I LOVE THEM!!! If they're painful though, wear them only for show when you're not going to be standing much?? Or try putting foot petals or Dr. Scholl's insoles and gel pads around the shoe....or try breaking them in?
  7. Those are so cute but do look painful.
  8. Yeah, luckily I pretty much just sit at my desk the entire day with occasional trips to the bathroom. :p
  9. Those are so HOT! I love them. It's a good thing you sit down most of the day. I know what it feels like to have shoes kill your feet. ;) Rin, what style is that shoe?
  10. very nice pair!
  11. Have you tried Dr. Scholls or something like that to help ease the pain? They are cute though!!! What we do for beauty!! lol
  12. These shoes are so hot! I would totally wear them even if they killed my feet!
  13. Oops!
  14. Those are AMAZING:nuts: Maybe they will become more comfortable after you "break them in."
    Good luck..... Beauty is painful;)
  15. so cute, but I would not be able to pull them off. try insoles or something to make them more wearable.