"these pics are exactly what the bags look like..."

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  1. :biggrin: This is the seller's response to my asking if she would post pics of the actual bag in addition to the one stock pic that she has in the listing. Geez...

    She has 5 bags listed, 0 fb and she joined fleabay 10 days ago.
  2. She doesn't want to sell them very badly, does she?
  3. ^ Sure seems that way, LOL!
  4. Wanna bet they won't sell?

    Legit long time sellers with tons of pics of their authentic bags can't sell a thing but for some reason the dropshippers with the stock photos manage to move their crap. I reported them for the longest time but nothing was ever done.

    Go figure.
  5. lol..i know! Well I know me personally...I would never buy a bag without seeing real pictures of the bag,especially with no feedback! heck no techno!-
  6. i asked a seller that question once about a prada bag and they responded "we haven't received it from the supplier yet"
    after that i stopped watching it, bad sign
  7. Perhaps when her stuff doesn't sell she might rethink putting her own pics up, she'll learn....maybe.
  8. sorry to be off topic, but just wanna share- theres was once i asked a seller for the close-up authenticity stamp of the chanel necklace she is selling, she told me she DO NOT HAVE THE TIME TO DO SO!

    haha! i agreed they do not want to sell their items badly
  9. :nuts: The seller has much to learn... lol
  10. :graucho::graucho: omg - these people have so much to learn!! that is just as bad as my asking a seller for the exact measurments and she replies - it is "about" this and that. i don't measure them. :amazed: obviously not even when someone asks her to!
  11. Wow, ya know someone out there might buy this bag or another bag but I am sorry I want to see what I am actually buying and not some stock photo and it does not matter if its new or not. Post pics!
  12. Dear lord, it keeps getting worse. Why does it seem that those of us who do put REAL photos, answer all questions honestly, measure accurately ect, cant seem to get a sale or get the buyer from HELL, but these morons can move stuff all day long with no consequence?
  13. I know it's crazy right? She has definitely got my interest, I'm watching her stuff to see if she sells anything.