these NEW coach bags look pucci-esq like. the way the CC are designed and...

  1. I see what you mean about the Pucci-ness, but I like it! I just wish it wasn't canvas. I am so clumsy sometimes and it would get SO dirty! haha!
  2. I actually adore these bags. They are both beautiful!!! I would like the hobo in blue!
  3. I think the bag is very's just too small for me.
  4. I think they're cute, too. I'm not totally crazy about the color combo-I actually prefer brighter colors. The only think Coach has done that has reminded me of Pucci was a scarf print from spring 05. Lots of pinks & blues & whites-way more swirly than this.
  5. These aren't fake bags. It's the new style Coach has come out with. Please do a search, but don't call something you pulled up from this forum fake without doing research (just warning you). :biggrin:
  6. I think this pattern is adorable! If I were a LITTLE younger...hahaha, they are too cute - just not my style. I dont think it looks like a fake anything - just a really cute summer bag.
  7. Indigo, I don't think she was saying the bag is fake, but just that the design of it is unusual for Coach so it looks like it could be fake. At least, that is the impression I got when I first read this post.
  8. They have been scripting Coach on bags like that for a while.
  9. I wonder how big the hobo is? If it's small, then it will do me no good. If it's the large, then I could cope.
  10. The hobo is 14L x 10H x 4W I just ordered this and it should be arriving tomorrow!! I can't wait cause I love the print of it and I am glad it is canvas and not like a scarf print where it could snag easily.
  11. IMO. I love the colors and the canvas!! It's quite cute. :biggrin:
  12. I'm more of a bright color girl, but I LOVE these bags!! I would love to get the hobo!!
  13. That is the same impression I got with it. She only meant that it could look fake...

    I can see what Platinum means by the C's not lining up.. but its also like the optic bags.. the C's are everywhere.... I wish Coach would have made the optic patterns line up somehow...
  14. I was kind of so-so on this until I saw Candace's IRL pics. It's very cute but I think too small for me (and I have so many bags I am lusting over and cannot buy any right now).