These keychains are laying on Cloud 9...

  1. Behold:

    [Multicolore Mink Messenger]
  2. So gorgeous.....excuse me while I wipe my drool....:drool:
  3. What is that disco ball? Any info on it?
  4. OMG that has to be the coolest thing in the world! Love the keychains - very TDF :nuts:
  5. Damn this mink is :nuts: and I want this pastilles keyring!:hysteric:
  6. That disco ball keychain is very pretty!! I'd buy that rather than the inclusion or the new Hollywood keychains!! Any info on that item??
  7. No info on the Disco Ball... but I think it might be out for Christmas with the Miroir Line? :shrugs:
  8. I do love the disco ball...thanks for the pic John!
  9. :nuts: Gorgeous. The disco ball keychain is cute.
  10. Wow, on the disco ball keychain. Its very cute! Thanks for sharing the picture with us!
  11. wowwww, that's pretty...thnaks for posting the pic john!
  12. Wow! How timely... I'm currently on the lookout for bag accessories.... hmmm, guess I better run to LV now.... do you think I'll be too late to grab one of these! :crybaby:
  13. thanks for the pic!
    i want that sunglasses keychain.. very cool.
  14. wow...thanks John!!! the disco ball is so adorable..
  15. WOWZA!!! Way cool, thanks for sharing. I sooooo LOVE the Disco Ball. So retro. That is definitely on my hit list!