These Gucci shoes are gorgeous.

  1. They're the 'saint germain' lace-up sneakers with interlocking G detail, beige/ebony GG plus with dark grey leather trim.

    They're absolutely adorable.. I want them.
    I'm 14 years old, and, I have a question. The mall I go to, has a Gucci store in it & I was walking in there with my friend today you know just looking around, to see if those shoes were in there.. and the stupid security guard at the front was following us around, I hate just because I'm 14 when I walk in expensive stores I'm like harassed. Anyone know why?

    But, yeah, the shoes.. very good deal, only 410 dollars. I have a job, fortunately.. so two paychecks & those are mine =]
  2. They sound nice! Sorry you have to deal with such prejudice....the security guard is ageist and is picking on you cuz of you're young. He probably thinks you're capable of stealing something...what a buffoon!:boxing::boxing:
  3. Don't worry about it sweetie. When I was 14, 15 and I went shopping it was always like that. End of the day, you need to know that you're not doing anything wrong and need to not let it bother you as annoying as it may be.
  4. go for it! :tup:don't let anything hold you'll be the talk of the school :yes:
  5. I agree, please don't let the security guard hold you back from getting something that you worked hard for. Don't mind him, he's just doing his job :welcome:You know that you are not doing anything wrong, so it's ok. :angel: But believe me, when I went to Gucci for the first time, i made a stop at starbucks before going and the security guard told me NO DRINKS ALLOWED. i felt embarrased, :shame:especially because everyone turns around to look, but now i know better... and it's ok. i still went back... lolz. :p
  6. i hate to say but when your young they think you cant buy anything they think you do not have the money so why are they here thats what they think mabe you should take your mom when you do buy them sorry they are mean to you
  7. .....let's hope that security guard is there when you go in and buy those shoes!! make sure you post a pic when you buy them!!