These days the only thing I find myself lusting after is...

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  1. ... a Coco Cocoon bag!:nuts:

    Well, at least from Chanel that is. I also can't stop thinking about Fendi Peekaboo and few Hermes bags. But unless Chanel releases a whole load of reissues in gorgeous colors soon, I think I'm done with their bags.

    My addiction with their costume jewelleries and accessories that falls under "other" (scarves, hats, winter wears, etc) is still there. Not strong as before but it's still there, with the evidence of the fact how I'm looking forward to my SA's phone call, informing how a very over priced yet fabulous nonetheless necklace from act 2 I asked for arrived. However, it's getting harder to love Chanel bags these days.

    Which turns me to the purpose of this thread. Even though I really disliked Coco Cocoon when it first came out, I think it's most likely my next bag purchase. I simply loved the look of video promos for the line, shown on Chanel site featuring Daul Kim. I must admit, a lot of it has to do with the fact how I wish to be youthful as the character Kim plays in them. Those videos made me realize how practical and befitting the line would be for younger clientele and well... I wanna be younger!:biggrin:

    I really like the reversible tote in black and burgundy (like one Jill got) but I want the backpack the most. Yeah, as if I do not show enough signs of regression!! The only times I'd carry a backpack these days is when heading to the gym and even that, I don't even remember when was the last time. Yet Kim looks so adorable skipping around Parisian streets with that backpack and I must have delusion of carrying that look once I get my hands on that bag. LOL. Yes. I need help.

    Do you guys think it would be so ridiculous for a 30+ woman to carry a backpack? Would people think I'm a grad school student carrying my books around?:sweatdrop: Does anyone here own Coco Cocoon backpack? If so, please tell me how it's working out for you. Or should I just go ahead with another style like aforementioned tote?

    * For those who did not see the video promos, here's a collection of all promos found on Youtube.

  2. The reversible bag looks nice. But the material seems very "fragile" to me. Not really suitable for a rough person like.
  3. The backpack is the one item I like from Coco Cocoon. But I think backpack is supposed to be used rough but it is in lamsbkin so the material has kind of defeated the purpose. Other than this, I can't see what's wrong for a 30+ to use a backpack.
  4. I was sitting in my History lecture today and suddenly began thinking about the Coco Cocoon bags! I was not fond of them, but since seeing them on blogs and I lovely young lady- I began thinking maybe this could be the perfect ligne for me to buy a bag for uni. I prefer the black and red colourway. Anyway, I actually like this ligne but I would not carry a back back or buy one and I am in my mid 20s- IMO they look cute on my son, but thats where I draw the line.
  5. You gals are funny but I get it! Totally! Now I want backpack too! Is it still readily available?
  6. Reason I have started craving is have been using sqiushier lamb tote a lot unlike I ever thought I would and it has been so easy. I think bc it is sqiushy quilted lamb. I can't believe it's been my pretty much everyday bag. And backpack would be fun and light without hardware....
  7. I am not into the backpack look. What I am going to purchase next is the Cocoon bowling bag -lambskin. I saw it at the store in black and also in pale gold. It is stunning!
    I will probably get the black. Price is $2,400.
  8. There's also a hobo now but not a huge fan. Bowler nice.
  9. totally OT but her roots draws more attention than the bags :Push:

    This line is fun and unique, but if i need a beat around tote, I'd stick w/LV neverfull or Prada nylon ^^;
  10. Did you guys know that the model from the video (Dual Kim) comitted suicide last November?
    Very tragic.
  11. Justine!~ I think maybe you should go ahead & get the backpack (now ro later). It's been 3-4 months since last time you mentioned to me about this one :amuse:

    Actually, a TPF posted hers earlier ( She said it can be worn messenger style but I'm not so sure if it's comfy to wear with the buckles on the shoulder.

    Anyway, I'm guessing this one will be on sale eventually, maybe you can just wait for another 3 months to justify this purchase :P
  12. ^Yup :sad: Kind of sad to see this video now, she looked so happy in the promo.

    I detest the Coco Cocoon line but the backpack is actually kind of cute! Though not sure how it would look on anyone other than a supermodel.. I think it would look a little silly in real life. JMO! :sweatdrop:
  13. That's awful.
  14. Woah, the video makes me want a cambon too! Aww din know abt the model's incident. How tragic! :sad:
  15. Justine, the backpack is absolutely adorable. I say if you have to have a backpack, might as well be a Chanel right? And this cocoon backpack seems absolutely light, fun, casual. I don't see why you cannot pull off this look!

    I too was doubtful about the cocoon line when it first came out, but after several visits to the boutiques, ended up liking them a lot. I esp like the small reversible tote I saw in navy and deep red...sporty chic!