These chanel are on sale 30% off

  1. HI, dear all, these are the bags that I found on sale for 30% off.
    Chanel big.jpg small chanel.jpg
  2. this one in both black and white
  3. Thank where did you find them on sale?? I like the first two..How much are they??
  4. and this one in White
  5. The big pink, original $1895, now 30% off
    the pink bowling $1195, now 30% off
  6. For the pink bowling, the smaller one, here is the number to call to get them:
    Jesse at NM, 480-990-2100 ext 2091 just tell them you want the pink bag lily, the asian girl bought, he will know. He canorder you the small pink and the white bowling.

    Or call Justin at Saks, 602-955-8000 ext. 5357, tell them you want the bags Lily bought. He has both the big and the small Pink.

    Good luck everyone!!!!!!!1
  7. Thats a great deal where are they on sale??
  8. how much is the mademoiselle tote (chain handles)
  9. oh i want that medallion so badly but I don't match with pink very well....
  10. How much is this?
    Where can I find it?


  11. I think the Mademoiselle tote was $1750 or something very close to that. I thought about buying that one to go with my Mademoiselle flap bag, but didn't do it. The "CHANEL" across the bottom was just too much for me
  12. Oh, the $1750 is BEFORE the 30% off
  13. <P>
    <P>Jesse at NM, 480-990-2100 ext 2091</P>
  14. Here is the contact: Justin at Saks, 602-955-8000 ext. 5357
  15. Thank you so much for posting this beforeflower. I call jesse, but he was off today. So I ended up calling Justin. And guess what? Yipppi, he got one for me. I ordered the Pink Bowler. Been looking around for this, but didn't have any luck till I saw your post. The passed 3 days. I'd been calling around to look for this bag. Gosh, it was so irritated. You're such a life saver. :heart: Muahh!