These came today and I am in LOVE!!!!

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  1. I just got this wallet and cosmetic case today from I am so loving both of them. Amazing quality in both these products. Sorry about the lousy pics. I also included one of both of them in my bag to show how well the cosmetic case's tiny but holds a lot and doesn't take up much room in my bag. :heart:
    0517071624.jpg 0517071624a.jpg 0517071625.jpg
  2. Love the cosmetic case! Congrats on some lovely items!
  3. Thank you Addy! :smile:
  4. Wow super cute. I love the wallet, if you don't mind me asking how much was the wallet...
  5. so cute, really love burberry pattern
  6. Wallet is cute!

  7. I think about 250.
  8. I am so loving Burberry, right now. Your pics were so inspiring. I am looking for a tote and may have found one on ebay. We will see!
  9. i always have a soft spot for burberry.........both are sooo cute!!!!!!! congrats!
  10. Great purchases! The make-up case is the perfect size and I'm in love with the wallet. Congrats!
  11. Oh, I love this! Congrats.
  12. sooo pretty. i actually am also considering burberry for a wallet purchase.
  13. The wallet is hot!
  14. I gotta tell you all - the wallet is fabulous! It's just such amazing quality and so worth the money. I was looking at getting a LV wallet but with the purchase of my new bag I think I am going to wait on that until next fall/ winter. I just wanted a nice wallet and I have always loved Burberry. I wasn't sure how much I was going to love it since I ordered it online but both these items are magnificent! The cosmetic case is perfect for my bag and fits a ton. Worth the money!
  15. so cute, congrats ann! ;)