These brands disappoint me =(

  1. Many top world brands fail quality inspections

    *taken from Shanghai Daily*
    Many top world brands fail quality inspections -- Shanghai Daily | 上海日报 -- English Window to China News

    COATS, jackets and pants made by 17 international brands failed quality inspections yesterday at some of Shanghai's priciest malls.

    The problems ranged from high concentrations of a potentially dangerous chemical to shoddy dyes, according to the Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Administrative Bureau.

    Brands that failed bureau tests included Burberry, MaxMara, Dior, Armani, Zara and Ermengildo Zegna. Samples that didn't meet standards were being sold in more than 10 department stores, including Plaza 66 on Nanjing Road, Gateway Mall in Xujiahui, Les Charmes Outlet Boutiques near Pudong International Airport and the Paris Spring Shopping Center on Huaihai Road.

    The bureau inspected 59 samples comprising 40 fashion brands. Twenty-five samples did not meet standards, among which 24 were imported, representing 17 foreign brands.

    A skirt bearing the Spanish label Zara and selling for 599 yuan (US$75) contained twice the allowed level of formaldehyde, the quality watchdog said.

    The chemical, which has been linked to cancer, is used in clothing to prevent mildew during shipping.

    "The samples of MaxMara women coats and Burberry trousers sold in the Paris Spring Shopping Center tended to fade easily," the bureau said in a statement.

    A Spanish-brand Mango coat whose label said it contained 20 percent cashmere had a content of only 1.7 percent, the statement said.

    The bureau ordered the department stores involved to stop selling the substandard products yesterday morning.

    An official at Paris Spring Shopping Center said it has removed the goods that had failed the tests.

    "They were just for display," said an official in the center's marketing department, who was not willing to be named and who did not explain whether there was a difference between the so-called display merchandise and the goods a customer would buy.

    Zara said it had not received any notice from the bureau. The other department stores and manufacturers were not available for comment yesterday.

    A fashion industry source who was not willing to be named said the major brands outsource production to "almost every corner of the world," indicating quality control could be a problem.

    Liu Jia, a secretary for a Hong Kong-based transport company, said she usually buys famous fashion brands to ensure quality, but now she is skeptical.

    "I've lost faith in the brands that failed the tests," Liu said.
  2. Wow this is astonishing. It makes me shudder to think we usually examine the tag briefly, if at all, to check on the materials used. We automatically assume the information is true, when this article disproves that! I will keep this in mind on my trip to China this May.
  3. Wow. This is going to change how I think, next time I look at a clothing label. Sad about the amount of formeldahyde in the Zara skirt, I really like that brand.
  4. Maybe this is a mini propaganda to encourage people to support local brands?
  5. WOW that's pretty scary.
  6. Bummer about Zara and Mango. I do like shopping there quite a fair bit :sad:
  7. i guess $$$ doesn't = quality.